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Compare and contrast the two companies on the various features shown in each demo within your paper - Essay Example

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Tableau software is a business intelligence software that mainly focusses on business to enhance their interactive visualization of data through representation using graphs. Tableau software provides applications that are easy to use hence faster analysis and visualization of…
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Compare and contrast the two companies on the various features shown in each demo within your paper
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the two companies on the various features shown in each demo within your paper"

Download file to see previous pages Interactive analysis and the presence of a powerful dashboard makes users very comfortable to create excel and securely share them across the enterprise. It enables IT teams to manage data and metadata in a central and control permissions as well as scale up to wide deployments in the enterprise. Tableau is a generational business intelligence and visual analysis software that the work by putting data on the hands of the individuals who needs the information (Havenstein, 2006).
IBM Cognos is a business intelligence dashboarding solution that helps the user in monitoring, measuring and managing performance of corporates. At a glance, performance that are timely, factual and views of the business are provided by the dashboards. Anomalies that can turn into business issues that are of significant importance can be identified using IBM Cognos and the root causes can be dug deeper. IBM Cognos offer the following solutions to their users; personalization view of the information that are, deliverance of high degree visualization that have graphs, gauges and charts. IBM dashboard can be delivered easily in multiple formats that can suit specific needs of users who do business. Finally, they are easily managed from IT perspective. IBM Cognos has scorecard software that helps the individual to align teams and tactics with strategies, communicating goals consistently and monitoring performance against targets. Individuals can use IBM Cognos Scorecarding in management of the full scope of processes in business (Havenstein, 2007).
Business intelligence is a term that means to end despite the approach used. The term end sounds decision making in the organization. Therefore, there is a need to understanding organization decision-making process. There is a need to differentiating information, data and knowledge in an organization. Information is differentiated from data by the use of context. When related to other data, data itself ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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