Television as social and political propaganda : political TV programs:Islamophobic Propaganda: case study Homeland TV show - Essay Example

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Propaganda has been defined as a means of ensuring that communication influences individuals in such a way that they are able to change their attitude or position in matters concerning diverse causes (Diggs-Brown 48). Propaganda in the modern world has mainly come to be…
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Television as social and political propaganda : political TV programs:Islamophobic Propaganda: case study Homeland TV show
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Download file to see previous pages Propaganda has often been used to achieve desired objectives and in the world today, it has come to be used for the purpose of creating an attitude that is essentially associated with the war on terror. This war has led to a situation where Islam has been portrayed in an extremely negative light and this has been blamed on the emergence of a highly biased media in the United States. One of the most popular and influential television series that has shown Islam in a negative light is Homeland; a series that not only shows the American biased perception of Islam and Muslims, but also generalizing the latter as terrorists.
Homeland can be considered to be essentially anti-Muslim propaganda because despite the peaceful nature of Islam, its portrayal in the series paints it in an opposite light; that of terrorism and violence. For the most part, this series looks upon Muslims as terrorists; a depiction that is not accurate because only a small percentage of Muslims in the world are even sympathetic to acts of terrorism. All of the antagonists in the series are Muslims and they are portrayed as being brutal individuals who hold Nick Brody captive for eight years and some of the scenes show the latter undergoing immense torture at the hands of his captors. The numerous flashbacks that are shown in almost all episode of the series depict Muslims in an essentially biased manner; showing them either torturing their captives or praying. The fact that this depiction is not accurate is not taken into consideration by the series’ producers and directors because it does not show Muslims as normal human being, capable of love as well as hurt (Ahmad 2317). Therefore, through the portrayal of Muslims of individuals who only pray and commit violent acts, it is implied that Islam is a religion of terrorism. As the series progresses, it is discovered that Brody is actually a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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