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Propaganda is a prejudiced statement aimed at manipulating peoples' actions and opinion. An example of propaganda can be a newspaper ad or a poster persuading people to vote for a candidate of a particular political party depending on the methodology employed for persuading people…
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World War II Propoganda Posters
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Download file to see previous pages Some also believe that it is basically the methodology employed in the persuasion that determines whether chanting of a slogan, jargon or an appeal is propaganda or not. (Taylor, S., n.p.n.d.)
History bears testimony to the fact that greatest of propagandas have been used during wartime. In such times the warring nations often resort to propaganda campaigns that instigate people to acts which are most conducive to victory. The psychological warfare during cold war period was also a kind of propaganda that was meant to enfeeble the enemy's might and the will to fight. Another strategy, which is commonly known as 'brainwashing' and frequently used against prisoners unite political propaganda with bitter treatment of the prisoners to minimize its confrontation. (Taylor, S., n.p.n.d.)
Several of the methods, which are employed in propaganda, are logical and common-sense techniques that include achieving the confidence of people, simplicity and repetition, and the use of symbols. (Taylor, S.n.p.n.d.)
The propaganda may differ in nature from other educational forms which exist in literary societies, but in an autocratic educational set-up, it can involve educating the youth of a nation by practices that could be categorized as propaganda. The tutors in educated societies teach pupil 'how to think', but propagandists tell them 'what to think'. Many academicians may be inclined to change their opinions if and when new evidence emerges, but propagandists will always evade evidence that comes in their way. Thus the educators consider all aspects of a problem and are willing to advance a discussion but a propagandists on the contrary would never do that and enter into any kind of debate. The propagandists instead would always touch extremes and try to persuade and mold public opinion through strongest possible case which he builds so very desperately and ambitiously. (Taylor, S., n.p.n.d.)
What makes World War II propaganda posters forms of propaganda
Although the Propaganda Posters used in World War11 (1939-1945) were simple and randomly created to suit the newly emerging situations, they proved very effective on the belligerents simply because they were repeated over and over again. Also the words used to write catchy jargons, sensational slogans, and even appeals on the propaganda posters were often very simple but the pattern and symmetry in which they were used carried the message far and wide. For instance Nazis of Germany had used the below words of Adolph Hitler in one of their propaganda posters during World War11,
"The intelligence of the masses is small. Their forgetfulness is great. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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