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Discussing posters from WWI, WWII and revolutions (Russian) - Essay Example

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History, as they say, repeats itself. And for the most part, the most repeated event in the history of mankind are wars. Wars take place because of varying reasons. It may be due to two or more parties having opposing ideas and beliefs; it could be due to territoral disputes and hunger for wealth; it could be due to retaliation against the action of one party…
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Discussing posters from WWI, WWII and revolutions (Russian)
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Extract of sample "Discussing posters from WWI, WWII and revolutions (Russian)"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, fundementally, the presence of social problems don't always ignite a war; it's the inability of the governing body to contain these issues that ignites it. Then again, it will take more fuel for wars to actually begin and sustain itself. This is where propaganda comes in.
Looking at the two major wars in history - World War I and World War II, you would find countless of various forms of propaganda urging the people to support these wars. It could take take form of a compelling speech, a passionate hymn or an intruging poster, which will essentially get the people's support or sympathy.
When used right, propaganda can be a very powerful fuel that would drive the success of a war or a revolution. Of course, that would depend on which side you're looking at. In the course of history, you would find external wars between countries, and internal wars within a specific region. Different ways and styles of propaganda had been used for these battles.
World War I erupted in the year 1914. Years of power struggle and policy conflicts between the world's super powers - The Triple Entente and Triple Alliance powers - led to one of the deadliest conflicts in history. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne by the Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip was the breaking point. This triggered Austro-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia and a whole series of events leading to the spread of conflict worldwide (Marshall, p 1).
Looking into the history of World War I, you would find various reasons why it even began. Depending on which side you're studying, you'll find different propaganda's making the other side as the evil enemy. Countries involved in the war used propaganda to raise people's support and morale. Externally, it was also used to gain allies.
The involvement of US in World War I is one example of how propaganda worked externally among countries. Initially, the US had made a bold stand to stay out of the war. However, the sleeping super power had been put under pressure by its allies. At the same time, Germany had attacked U.S. naval ships. The tipping point was when the British governement revealed to the U.S. the Zimmerman telegram, which was a proposal of Berlin to Mexico to join the war as Germany's ally against the U.S. All these compounding events led to the participation of America three years after the war started.
During the war-torn years, various propaganda materials came out in America to reinforce the decision why the country joined the war in the first place. An independent agency, called Committee on Public Information, was established specifcially to influence public opinion regarding the US intervention in WWI. Since 'propaganda' has such a bad image for the Americans, the committee's leader, George Creel, defined their activities as "not propaganda as the Germans defined it, but propaganda in the true sense of the word, meaning the 'propagation of faith' (Crumm, 19). Under this group, America's most famous illustrators such as James Montgomery Flagg, Joseph Pennell, and Louis D. Fancer had gathered together to create some of WWI's most compelling and influential images.
The most popular propaganda poster was of Uncle Sam - personification of US - which encouraged ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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