Lessons Learned from WWI, WWII and Vietnam War - Essay Example

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The question that begs answers is: what sorts of lessons seem to be learned from war and to what extent have these lessons been helpful? If they are learned at all, do leaders learn the “right” lessons? This essay argues that important lessons were learned from WWI, WWII and Vietnam War…
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Lessons Learned from WWI, WWII and Vietnam War
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Download file to see previous pages The most probable cause of the war was the assassination of Ferdinand the crown prince of Austria-Hungary by Serbian Slavs on June 28, 1914 at Sarajevo. If you ask many leaders of the time, they would say the war was inevitable. However, as Stoessinger would put it “it was people who actually precipitated wars” (Xiii). The Austria-Hungary leader Emperor Franz Joseph had a great hatred for Slavs and combined with unrelenting pressure from his chief of staff general Conrad Von Hotzendorff and foreign minister Count Leopold Von Berchtold, he decided to wage war on Serbia. The war was thus not a revenge for the assassination as the Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm II would have expected. The Kaiser gave Joseph his undying support not knowing his real intentions. The support was sacred and irrevocable hence could never be retracted (Nibelungentreue) and Joseph knew this. That is one lesson leaders should have learnt: never to let personal ethics rule over political judgment. If Kaiser had known what his support would result to, he would not have given it in the first place. The effect was that it put him right at crossroads with his cousin Czar Nicholas II of Russia as he entered the war to defend Serbia against unjust aggression by Austria. Czar did not see the reason why Austria would send such a humiliating and provocative ultimatum to Serbia. He saw it as an excuse to wage war on Serbia and he was not mistaken therefore, despite diplomacy from Kaiser nothing could stop his army from mobilizing for an imminent war. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Lessons Learned from WWI, WWII and Vietnam War Essay)
Lessons Learned from WWI, WWII and Vietnam War Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1637256-lessons-learned-from-wwi-wwii-and-vietnam-war.
“Lessons Learned from WWI, WWII and Vietnam War Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1637256-lessons-learned-from-wwi-wwii-and-vietnam-war.
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