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Heroic Realism: Art in Communism and Socialism Regimes - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Heroic Realism: Art in Communism and Socialism Regimes" claims that a good example of heroic realism includes socialist realism, which is related to fascism. The advantage of this art is the realism, which is brought out through figures that represent the ideal types…
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Heroic Realism: Art in Communism and Socialism Regimes
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Extract of sample "Heroic Realism: Art in Communism and Socialism Regimes"

Download file to see previous pages In heroic realism, there is an explicit rejection of modern art, which is seen as degenerative and bourgeois. The following paper intends to discuss heroic realism, its origin, characteristics and impacts to the society. In addition, several examples of heroic realism have been given in the appendix. It is prudent to understand that social event especially the World War II heavily affected the usage of posters as ways of graphic communication. This was the time when there was a need to give the public, information in a clear and precise manner. In this way, graphic messaging with simplified visual language was utilized in order to send convincing messages to the unintelligent and fickle public. Heroic Realism is a propagandist and systematic way of propagating official or non-official government policies by manipulative communications to the unintelligent public (Leonard, 154). This may offer true as well false information. However, the information to be sent is selectively presented in a provocative style so that it can have its maximum emotional effect on the intended people. Heroic Realism is an art motif, which is used as a propaganda tool. This means that the ones who are using heroic realism have a given agenda to portray or change in the public eye. The aim is to affect the public thinking of a certain aspect of the society (Tiereh, 23). This method of spreading propaganda is mostly used by socialist and communist governments so that they can control and change the mentality of their people or others by emotional value cues. This style was widely used by Hitler in the Nazi regime. He delved from using the abstract poster work during the war and instead decided to imitate the Allies’ poster work, which was the in style and design (Tiereh, 211). His aim was to ensure that he applied to the unintelligent mas of people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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