Fascism/National Socialism or Soviet Communism - Essay Example

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It was impossible to have a region that did not have problems stemming from leadership. Dictatorship was a problem in parts of Cuba and Russia. The theories that were present at…
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Fascism/National Socialism or Soviet Communism
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Greatest Challenge to Democracy Greatest Challenge to Democracy After the First World War, there were cries for changes in the manner in which countries were run. It was impossible to have a region that did not have problems stemming from leadership. Dictatorship was a problem in parts of Cuba and Russia. The theories that were present at the time on the division of wealth became a problem for many people. National Socialism and Soviet Communism were presented to the people to dictate how people could relate and behave toward each other (Blamires & Jackson, 2006). This paper will examine which method was a challenge to democracy during that time, and how democracy has evolved through time.
National Socialism was an immense problem to democracy after World War I. Fascism, as it was referred to, was a problem because it dictated that the nation and race was to be placed above an individual (Blamires & Jackson, 2006). It ensured that the ultimate authority rested upon the shoulders of dictatorship. Dictators had power over everything. People were economically and socially suppressed during this time as both theories seemed to want superiority over the other.
Democracy cannot survive in such an environment. Fascism was, therefore, an enormous challenge for democracy. The unity of a nation was to be based on culture and traditions, and ties to ancestry that were interpersonal (Blamires & Jackson, 2006). It presents a problem to any social order that wants to mature and develop in ways that enable progression among its people. Progression solely depends on how societies relate to one another, and their leaders in society.
In conclusion, fascism has no place in modern society. People need to rise above traditional and ancient methods of living (Blamires & Jackson, 2006). The recent uprisings that saw nations rise against dictatorship is one way to prove that forcing people to live under forced regiments is no way to rule. Democracy will always triumph against unjust rulers who are unfit to rule.
Blamires, C., & Jackson, P. (2006). World fascism: A historical encyclopaedia. London: Heinemann Publishers. Read More
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