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The Skys the Limit poster by Allen Courtney - Admission/Application Essay Example

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the reporter states that literature of a given historical epoch is actually the only way through which we can know the cultural practices, beliefs and customs of a given culture; by studying the literature of a given epoch, we can get the cultural-historical themes of the historical era…
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The Skys the Limit poster by Allen Courtney
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Extract of sample "The Skys the Limit poster by Allen Courtney"

Download file to see previous pages This paper studies and analysis one such poster in an attempt to gain insights into the cultural-historical themes of the historical era of the poster. The poster analyzed in this paper is The Sky’s the Limit poster, authored by Allen Courtney in 1944, during the World War II. In the examination of this poster, utmost attention is paid to the smallest details: color, lines, sex, format, style, and rhetoric. A close analysis of this poster reveals how the Sky’s the Limit poster was a USA military propaganda tool meant to mobilize the Americans to support the American government involvement in the World War II by buying war bonds; the poster also was meant to mobilize the American women into joining men in working in the factories, in the manufacturer of weapons.
The pictures in the Sky’s the Limit Poster passes across the intended message in a very precise way. One of the pictures in the Sky’s the Limit! The poster is the picture of two male mechanics and a female mechanic building/ repairing an airplane. The presence of a woman in this poster working together with men in repairing/building an airplane was meant to mobilize women to join men in physically demanding work of making weapons. On the background of the two men and the woman working on the airplane are military planes on the ground. The presence of the mighty American warplanes in the Poster was meant to give the impression that America is far superior in military weapons than its enemies and that it will ultimately win the war, World War II. On the right upper corner of the poster is the bomb, which is about to strike a Japanese flag. Japan was actually one of the arch-enemies of the USA in the World War II and so the picture of an American bomb about to strike a Japanese flag was US propaganda, that the USA is stronger than Japan, and that ultimately Japan would be defeated in the World War II. This is briefly the description of the Sky is the Limit Poster. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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