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Propaganda and British Cinema - Essay Example

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Propaganda is a type of a message setting whose target is serving a specific scheme. The scheme may be political like the war propaganda in Britain, may be economical like in advertisement, or may be social like those that fight harmful habits like cigarette smoking…
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Propaganda and British Cinema
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Download file to see previous pages It mostly applies to the human sense of sight.
British film descended from French Lumiere brothers in 1892 and their first show was in 1896.The first moving picture was in 1889.The founder and the leader of documentary movement was John Grierson.He had the believe that film and documentary film could make a significant impact in the society by providing an effective medium between the state and the public. The government used the authors and actors of films to execute its propaganda agenda. J and Church -Gibson (1995)
During Second World War, Movies were mainly used to promote the popular image of the nation and emphasize on patriotism. These films were about people affected by the war and the effect of war in the society. The Second World War pushed the issue related with censorship to the periphery and this led to direct intervention of the government. The movies at this period combined propaganda on behalf of war effort with dramatic action, romance and other features of entertainment movies. Adler, A. Jay (2004)
In the mid nineteen hundred and twenties British cinema was loosing to the Hollywood. There was also war propaganda which was depicted by these movies. Propaganda is highly practical since it is both hidden and clear. Propaganda can be good or can be bad, democratic or totalitarian. Aldgate Anthony (1994)
The cinema emerged as one of mass entertainment which had great acceptance among the population. Movies developed from a less developed entity to an important mean of communication, entertainment and mass production. Motion pictures films have significantly contributed in art, politics and technology in twentieth century. J and Church Gibson (1995)

The production of the cinema was cheap and quick and the aim was to achieve the quota of twenty percent of screen space in Britain to be reserved to English film production.
The first English sound tape was produced in 1929 by Hitchcock .Hitchcock was an artist who has experienced great Germany expressionism. He designed each stage including the minute detail which enhanced forcing of the intensity on the screen. The details included the scenery, music, soundtrack, actors and other obligatory. It so gracefully united horrifying, absurd and the idealistic features in such pictures. In 1940 he was awarded an Oscar award as the best picture of the year in the movie "Rebecca." Aldgate Anthony (1994)
The cinema has socially and sensitively reflected many major events which are global historical changes that occurred in the 20th century. These changes include noteworthy events that included fall of empires which led to change in direction of historical and cultural development at the end of 19th century. This proves that the development of a society in connection with art rises develops and falls. J and Church -Gibson (1995)
The histories of the twentieth century led to the change in attitude of the people and nations which led to the development of the influential art of cinema. Cinema was the most dynamical art since it embodied the development of Grand National awareness in the state. There is a connection of a propaganda literature of the Great Britain and its reflection in the cinema. Adler, A. Jay (2004)

The imperialism theme researches of English cinema starts during the fall of the empires and beginning of the struggling of the public of developing countries. It is in 1960s that a margin of great importance is formed in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Propaganda and British Cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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