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Online news - Research Paper Example

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This form of mass communication was very prominent in that time due to the many benefits it brought to the society. Traditional print…
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Online news
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Download file to see previous pages a reliable source of current news during those years due to their intense research in current issues that affect the society and have impact in the people’s lives. The daily newspapers were circulated on a daily basis and were very efficient and effective in covering all the news that happens the previous days. The news coverage by the print media played a big role in enlightening the society of the issues that happened around them (
The traditional print media educated the people and society on emerging issues such as technology advancement, life skills and modern trends. The printed media such as the newspapers had various segments that educated people on these issues. Segments that highlighted facts about fashion and lifestyles enriched the society with new techniques and modern ways of grooming. There were segments that provided educative material that were very useful to students at all levels of education. They were an alternative source of cheap education material. The traditional print media provided a platform where companies could advertise their products and services. Since many people in the early 1990s depended on the print media as the only reliable source of communication, it was an effective means of advertisement. It reached many people and drove consumers to the consumption of these products and services. Companies got platforms to advertise their products in the best way possible. They had enough space to present the goods and services to customers expressing all the ideas and concepts that consumers were willing to know. The advertising of services and products from these companies so their sales revenue increasing over the years. Lastly, the traditional print media contributed to the use and success of the online news since it created the foundation in which the online news had just to build on to achieve success in the field of mass media and communication (Salwen, Garrison and Driscoll 82).
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Online News Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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