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Managing Communications,Knowledge and Information - Assignment Example

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A Business Plan for Opening an Online News Agency Name Institution A Business Plan for Opening an Online News Agency Introduction The global economy is growingly becoming service centric with the passage of time. The services sectors all around the world are getting more and more prominent…
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Managing Communications,Knowledge and Information
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Extract of sample "Managing Communications,Knowledge and Information"

Download file to see previous pages The increasing importance of services and knowledge in the 21st century has successfully impressed China towards taking concrete steps and measures in the journey of becoming knowledge based society by itself. The information is identified as the basic and fundamental requirement for running any sort and type of business in any part of the globe. The investors on the other hand, are required to have timely and accurate information in order to make effective decisions. The investors in developing parts of the world do not have sufficient information and expertise that are required to take valuable decisions (Richard & Nory 2005). The lack of accurate information in addition with inability to follow economic rationality has repeatedly resulted in significant losses. The investors long for insightful analysis that can help them in making wise choices. The trend of online news agencies is very notably prevalent in developed and emerging parts of the world (Clemons, Gu, & Lang 2002). These news agencies however, conceptualized to cover companies that are operating in advanced countries. The companies that are working in emerging economies are not being effectively covered by the financial news agencies. The increasing levels of Foreign Direct Investment in the featured economic sector of the globe, warrants the creation of permanent analytical facilities that can provide the investors with fresh insights on a daily basis. The target economies of Bangladesh and India will be kept under a bigger microscope as they are the leading and most probable candidate for transforming into leading nations in the future. The demise of America as a superpower in the near future will induce the development of smaller centers of political and fiscal strength throughout the world. The resource interdependencies are going to be more than stronger and because of this reason, national economic systems will become more conducive in the direction of developing and forging productive bilateral trade agreements. In this way, it will not be a surprise to see South Asian economies emerging as the most profoundly developing sectors. The futuristic investment decisions will have widespread reparations for the entire economic system of the globe (Sachs, Warner, Aslund, & Fischer 1995). The proposed online news agency will keep a close eye on the developments occurring in all of the leading economies of the world. The economic experts from all over the world are invited to comment on the situation of stock markets. The main objective of starting a new business is to efficiently reduce the level of information asymmetry that is famous for prevailing between shareholders and corporate management teams. The developing economies’ citizens do not possess the enough level of comprehension needed to take delicate investment decisions. The important information about stock markets of emerging economies will be gathered through accessing sites such as Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. Based on the information provided by featured online sources, the financial experts are requested to guide investors’ decisions. The proposed online news agency will release list of the most attractive stocks on a daily basis. The financial decisions are supposed to be made after conduction detailed research. The investment decisions in South Asian countries are take in an impulsive fashion and therefore, they are notorious for yielding superficial financial gains. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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