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Writing an online news story about a speech in AP style - Article Example

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He recalled that it seemed to be the right thing to say without knowing its entire context. Until he joined the military service and fought…
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Writing an online news story about a speech in AP style
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Download file to see previous pages The realization however was not immediate. He did not even expect to learn it. He even had an unusual and different reason when he joined the military service. He signed up because college tuition was expensive and joining the military would help him get his degree.
Wes Moore had no appetite for fighting or war even when he joined the military service. He just wanted to finish school through the help of military service. But when 9/11 came, it dramatically changed the role of military and that included Wes Moore’s role in the service. The 9/11 attack was about that unforgettable day in September 11, 2011 when terrorists simultaneously hijacked airplanes and slammed it to various structures the most famous of which was the World Trade Center that collapsed for the world to see (, nd). From schooling in UK, he rejoined the Army and was sent overseas to fight as an officer. Wes Moore did not talk in details about his tour of duty as most servicemen would indicating that he had his share of the fight. Suffice to say that he could relate with the experience of a war to speak candidly about it and to also tell what many veterans are struggling.
The speech was told in a manner that the listeners could relate. In the speech, Wes Moore bared the humanity of these struggles and the brotherhood forged in combat in the name of service without the heroic or stern military façade. No adventurous combat stories were told but only the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform in the name of service. And these experiences changed them with some still haunted by it. Thus, his apologies for what they have become (such as avoiding big crowds) that most of us would find odd solicited understanding and sympathy. And Wes Moore advocated that from the understanding and appreciation of these struggles should the words “thank you for your service” be contextualized and said for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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