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This paper will analyze my relational communication with a friend, Maria, a Native American brought up in their native home; hence, upholds all their cultural practices and beliefs. In this analysis, the paper will pay attention to the component of context, and the manner in…
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You choose the topic
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Download file to see previous pages Another issue that has caused problems is the different interpretations of body language. At times, Maria takes offense in prolonged eye contact and is sensitive to the distance maintained between us when communicating. The difference in stereotypes has affected our relationship. For instance, Maria feels like I hold her in low regard since she does not have strong English skills, an aspect that has affected her trust in me. Considering our relationship, the context component forms a basis for my analysis as it incorporates aspects of organization and culture, which involve the manner in which individuals from different cultures communicate and respond to both internal and external stimuli (Morreale, Spitzberg and Barge 38). In this case, the external stimulus’ source is casual communication, from where the cues of body language and effects of the accent differences affect the perception of the message. In addition, emotions and experiences are forms of internal stimuli that could cause different responses.
The relationship allows proper integration of most of the factors that facilitate interpersonal communication. With reference to the cybernetics theory, the flow of information is limited with most of the information being barred from reaching either of us due to the inherent barriers (Mannan 60). In this case, the cultural aspects of the context component are not well negotiated in our relationship, with both of us failing to find a level ground that would accommodate each other’s cultural perspectives. On the other hand, the semiotics theory presents a clear analysis of the signs language and symbols applied as we communicate. As such, the differences in cultural backgrounds have provided for different applications of body language. This has in turn affected the way we interpret messages and culminate in the various instances ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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You Choose the Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 6.
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