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Are all personality disorders treatable Why has this become an important issue - Essay Example

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Since the beginning of recorded history of psychotherapy, personality disorders have been there as a debatable topic inspiring many psychological experts. In fact, the classic classes of Anna O (Bertha Pappenheim, her real name) and the rat man are examples of personality…
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Are all personality disorders treatable Why has this become an important issue
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"Are all personality disorders treatable Why has this become an important issue"

Download file to see previous pages However, most of the work regarding this subject has been on the psychoanalytic side. The same is the case with treatment approaches and literature (Benjamin, pp. 8-46, 2002).
Almost all of the experts (Millon, Millon, Grossman, Meagher, & Ramnath, pp. 36-39, 2004) conceptually have the same opinion on the idea that the best way to go about the treatment of personality disorders is to discover, classify, categorize and modify the basic and foundation causes of the same. However, the cognitive therapy experts and psychoanalysts differ in their thoughts at the next stage. The cognitive therapy theorists hold the view that personality disorders and its products are realizable by the subject or patient and at times all this is happening under the consciousness of the subject. On the other hand, psychoanalysts think the opposite way. For them, personality disorders and their outcomes are unconscious to the subject and they are not aware of it at all.
It is interesting to note here that few of the people go to doctors or clinical psychologists with complaints regarding personality disorders. Despite the fact that there are many people around the world with personality disorders; however, only a few of them are aware of it. Most of them go to doctors with complaints like depression, stress, aggressive behavior and others (Benjamin, pp. 8-46, 2002). More importantly, they view their problematic behavior a product of the external environment. The think they are the victims of the situation going on and they have little or no contribution in their behavior. The problem here is that since they do not think they are responsible for their behavior therefore they also look out for solutions to their problems without realizing the fact that even they can contribute to change themselves. One can find these people saying, “I have always been this way,” “this is the way I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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