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The paper "The Importance Of Right Assessment Of Own Skills" discusses the need for weighing all the pros and cons of future plans, the feasibility of a stable job after finishing a certain course and other important factors that would help to achieve the set goal…
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The Importance Of Right Assessment Of Own Skills
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The Importance Of Right Assessment Of Own Skills
Thomas Edison, in his quest to discover the much needed light bulb in this modern time said about his many attempts that failed, “If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every attempt discarded is another step forward.” This logic is something that I am fully inclined to believe and agree with because it poses a lot of truth in every level of my life. When I applied at USC last fall, my application was rejected which in a way was a blessing in disguise as they say, because this made me reconsider my future. I re-assessed my strengths and weaknesses and have come to realize that I am strong on the economical and mathematical abilities more than chemistry.
Weighing all the pros and cons of my future plans, the feasibility of a stable job after finishing a certain course and other important factors that would establish my ability to pursue the course, indeed had been a challenge. It took days of considerations and re-considerations until I have come to finalizing my decision, which I believe are now well-established with the aforementioned process I have been through. Like Thomas Edison, my rejection for my application as a major in Chemistry, did not mean to me a failure, but a chance to review what I have to work on. And indeed it served its purpose as I have come to my inner strengths that can help me in pursuing my own dream based on my interests and not based on other people’s dreams for me.
Dr. Robert Schuler, a great American pastor who built the ‘Chrystal Cathedral’, a church made of glass; on his experiences as a child who grew during the recession, said, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” I may not have the blood of such great people running through my veins; however, I have their spirit flowing all over me. I believe as they do, that tough times do not drain the strength in a man rather they serve as fuels to engaging himself in his quests. The trials I have been through during my first application accelerated my thoughts on what is to become of my future and thus served as a turning point for important re-considerations. I have become aware that by following my mother’s footsteps, becoming a pharmacist; I would never be able to get to the top because that is not the dream that I am passionate enough to chase for. I might have let my mother down for not trailing her dream and my future might not be as bright as she wished, but I have faith in myself. No matter if I fail 10,000 times, I will never give up because I am confident of my decisively found interests – economics and mathematics.
Having been refueled, I am more confident now that I am in the right track to a purposeful career plan. I believe my inclinations are pointing to this major in the most acute possibilities that have been earlier considered. I may still have much to learn about a lot of things, but these are just the things that are making me move forward, to pursue my dreams. I now know that life is difficult but difficulties make a person mature. This is the kind of person I am now, more decided, more sure of what I want to be. This step will still prove yet another quest I believe I can now overcome; I wish to follow the footsteps of all the great people in the history of this University, and pursue my goals for the future taking my firsts steps here. Read More
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