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The Importance Of Providing A Quality-Learning Environment - Essay Example

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The essay points out an importance of providing a quality-learning environment. People can be taught to work in teams and to sustain friendships. It will help these challenged individuals to overcome social awkwardness and to ensure they realize their sexuality where necessary…
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The Importance Of Providing A Quality-Learning Environment
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"The Importance Of Providing A Quality-Learning Environment"

Download file to see previous pages st motivating feature about her is that she is able to orient herself precisely in her classroom, meaning that she can develop knowledge and skills to enable her to pursue her studies further. Underlying concepts and principles associated with working with people MDVI When working with people with such impairments, multidisciplinary teams such as teachers need to consider several principles such as demonstrating a number of academic studies and writing skills that are most consistent to their physical challenge. Like in Sarah’s case, there should be a way to demonstrate an ability to relate a precise approach to the acquisition of new skills that will benefit her in respect to intervention and support strategies (Lee & MacWilliam, 2002). It is important to reflect upon several specialized practical and personal skills connected to mobility, independence, and orientation of different approaches used when working with people with MDVI. However, it is also recommended that one understands the ethical principles as they apply to dealing with this group of people. The skills taught should be of good quality and be transferable to wider fields of the context. There must be planning techniques and systems that acknowledge that MDVI individuals deserve better than just being relegated to teacher planning systems that do not consider personal contextual issues in their lives. It should be considered that young MDVI learners have numerous barriers to battle without educators putting more effort in their daily learning. This is the reason why teachers should set a goal to provide a cool learning environment by planning on a flexible individualized system of educating the learners. It helps to enhance the participation of an MDVI individual in learning since it helps the person...
Working with a child or individual with multiple disabilities and visual impairments is not as easy as working with a normal person. Like in Sarah’s case, she has coloboma in her right eye and microphthalmia in her left but has a low hearing ability, that is why she uses Makaton to communicate. Students with related disabilities also need special systems such as  In this sense, some of these students come from poor backgrounds and may not afford such implements. This makes learning difficult since they cannot do without them. Further, educators, therapists, and fellow students need to use such tools in order to communicate to them, which may not be so easy. Impairments vary from child to child, and it may be a challenge to know how each child communicates his or her feelings. Failing to be understood, such children may lose motivation and this might affect their learning outcomes.Sarah needs assistance to take in her meals. Other students with multiple disabilities will as well require special equipment or help with feeding. Such assistive technologies like environmental control devices and adapted cups and spoons should be provided to motivate their eating skills. Teachers sometimes find it hard to take care of such students, so they have to use many opportunities and examples to put in practice functional skills like self-feeding and dressing, within natural, meaningful, and relevant contexts of their daily learning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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