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I will use five ads to explore how ads show/demonstrate the cultural change in British advertising in post-WWII period. Time period: Post-WWII-1970s - Essay Example

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One of such cultural changes is evident from the advertisements being portrayed that decipher cultural traditions. Advertisement industries have significantly evolved…
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I will use five ads to explore how ads show/demonstrate the cultural change in British advertising in post-WWII period. Time period: Post-WWII-1970s
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Extract of sample "I will use five ads to explore how ads show/demonstrate the cultural change in British advertising in post-WWII period. Time period: Post-WWII-1970s"

Download file to see previous pages Besides the commercialisation of television, radio also become much commercialised during that period, which contributed in the rise of advertisement industry. However, advertisements through radio do not provide pictorial descriptions of the advertisements. Thus, radio has considerably lesser impact on the viewers as comparison with advertisements broadcasted on televisions (Goldman, 2005). Moreover, mass advertisements were notable through magazines, newspapers, hoardings, banners and other related instruments during the post-World War II period. Furthermore, advertisements in Britain have been considerably evolved in this period because of the introduction of cable televisions. Further evolution in advertisements took place through the introduction of internet (Bagdikian, 2004).
During the post-World War II period, advertisements were largely influenced by the economic and political scenario of the world. This was equally notable in the advertisements printed and promoted in Britain. There were several advertisements in that period that were predominantly based on international conflicts (Goldman, 2005). There are evidences of advertisements that were largely based on the major events of World War II. These included the two atomic explosions in Japan and the aftermath of such devastating events. Moreover, advertisements in such period have also presented social losses in several nations including Britain (Bagdikian, 2004).
With this concern, an attempt has been made to explore about how advertisements showed or demonstrated cultural change in the context of British advertising during the time period of Post-WWII-1970s. In terms of methodology, a qualitative research approach with due focus on various secondary sources including scholarly based journal articles and books among others has been engaged for dealing with the aforesaid issue. This issue is deemed to be appropriate, as it presents the evolution of cultural change ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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