Planned Parenthood organization and social media - Case Study Example

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I believe Planned Parenthood organization used social media more effectively than Komen organization. This is because, the organization launched its most ever run short-term campaign through various social media channels moving from its usual traditional campaign vehicles…
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Planned Parenthood organization and social media
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Case Study I believe Planned Parenthood organization used social media more effectively than Komen organization. This is because, the organization launched its most ever run short-term campaign through various social media channels moving from its usual traditional campaign vehicles. The organization had formally moved to the online platform in 2002 and had its own web space. It had joined social spaces such as Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006. However, in 2011, the fight over the defunding of the organization made the people in the organization to rethink on how to change their approach of the online space to make it more interactive and engaging to improve user experience (Planned Parenthood, 2012). When the campaign commenced, it resulted to a thousand of calls and emails from the organizational supporters. Within a short time of voting, the organization had received thousands of messages from e-mails, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels from supporters and even Chaperoned emails from partners (Perry, 2012).
In this case, social media played a big role in the defunding conflict as a lead for the TV reporting. This means that, TV reporters only got news after supporters, organizations employees, partners and all the other individuals involved gave their views on the social media platforms. For example, Wining states that, “in the meantime, the press began to report claims that Komen was deleting negative social media posts” (Winig, 2012, p. 18). Certainly, it is evident that this press release was done after the media personnel realized what Komen was
doing on the social media platforms. Otherwise, this statement would not have been released if social media was not there. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were the main social media platforms that played the largest role in the conflict. For example, the responses Planned Parenthood got through these platforms were overwhelming and very quick that the organization could barely keep up. Again, Komen’s messages got huge attraction after she used these platforms.
The three concepts that I believe are most significant in this conflict include social media, politics and agreement. The role of social media would be to raise communication between both parties and their supporters. This concept is most significant because it is fast and open for every person hence it will be easy and quick to communication thus solving the conflict. The other significant concept is politics. To resolve the conflict, there should be no political games played in between. Komen gets political pressures and that is why she makes unfavorable decisions. Agreement is also an important significant. The two parties will only come to terms when they come to an agreement.
Social media stands to be the best among other concepts. This is because it contributes largely in communication. For example, it has contributed largely in the communication between Planned Parenthood and its supporter. It has as well contributed in Komen’s conversations. It has also contributed to media reports that reporters like journalists use to make news. Therefore, it is very significant in this case.
Politics also play a big role in the conflict. Most of the times politics do not go well with important issues like women health presented in the case. Therefore, it is important to discuss and eliminate any element of politics that appears to bring more conflict. This eliminates the pressures impacted on some people like Komen and will lead to fair decision making.
Again, agreement plays a significant role. Coming to an agreement means that Planned Parenthood and Komen will have agreed on the way funding will be done. They will not attack each other on any funding related issues anymore and women’s health will be promoted fully. Therefore, the concept is very significant in solving the conflicts.
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