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Reducing Teen Pregnancy in Colleyville - Case Study Example

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In endeavor to reduce the problem of teenage pregnancy this study paper will explore the understanding of teenage pregnancy and evaluate the situation on the phenomena of teenage pregnancy in Coleyville community in Jamaica in America which is alarmingly high…
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Reducing Teen Pregnancy in Colleyville
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Extract of sample "Reducing Teen Pregnancy in Colleyville"

Download file to see previous pages Teenage pregnancy is the conception and followed development of the fetus by a girl whose age is between 13 and 19 years. Consideration of the age allowable for a girl to get pregnant varies with places and cultures in the world but the rate of pregnancy by under age girls is increasing due to other factors such as early exposure to sexual activities , poverty, and the declining of menarche factor. Unlike undeveloped countries where teenage pregnancy is normal in many ethnicity groups developed countries attribute this problem mainly to low or say poor life outcomes and low levels of education. Teenage pregnancies in developed countries are highly reported in the United Kingdom and the United States while they are very minimal in Korea and Japan. Teenage pregnancy in developing countries like Jamaica are mostly as a result of high rates of poverty and low levels of education in additional to ethnical cultural factors in countries such as in Africa. (UNICEF 2001)
Teenage pregnancy in most cases becomes detrimental to the health of the mother and the child since in most times it is unplanned and the mother is not well developed to carry a pregnancy. On the other hand it affects the social welfare of the mother since in most a case it is when she is continuing with her education and it is usually associated with stigma in the society. (Dryburgh (2002).
Aim of the report
To design a program and outline its procedures that will ensure reduction of teenage pregnancy in Coleyville Jamaica
To clearly study and evaluate the situation of teenage pregnancy on Coleyville
To analye the cause effects of teenage pregnancy in Coleyvile
To outlie a program of reducing teenage pregnancy in Coleyville usiung logic model in the program design.
Teenage Pregnancy in Coleyville Jamaica
Jamaica is an island in North America where the town of Coleyville is situated. Here in Coleyville teenage pregnancy is alarmingly high due to various factors such as ignorance, high rates of poverty among its citizens, cultural misinformation and negligence among male partners. This community is one of many examples that are in similar situation around the globe.
Reasons for startling teenage pregnancy in Jamaica
There are various reasons why in Jamaica there is always high rate of teenage pregnancy compared to many other places in the world.
There is very little knowledge on contraceptives among Jamaican Girls.
There are high incidences of unprotected sex among the members of he community of Coleyville.
The belief by the women on acquisition of social status and identity in marriage make many girls get married at very tender ages rendering them pregnant at teen age (Aqarwal2008).
Benefits of logic model as a method in use in the program.
Logic model is a structural procedure of giving a working program descriptively in an organization. It outlines the resources, programs, and output of the programs and the outcomes of the programs (Mayeske 2002).
Logic model is analytical and expressive in terms of the procedures used in the program
It enables the programmer to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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