The Best Way to Defend Yourself is to Deny Everything: a Debate - Essay Example

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The aim of this essay "The Best Way to Defend Yourself is to Deny Everything: a Debate" is to describe the ways of personal defense in an argument. The discussion shows that denying everything is essential to ensure that individuals are able to keep themselves out of trouble…
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The Best Way to Defend Yourself is to Deny Everything: a Debate
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The Best Way to Defend Yourself is to Deny Everything

An individual defending himself can be an extremely difficult task especially in a situation where the odds are against him. This creates a scenario where the person involved might feel that he is under a lot of pressure and end up to admitting to doing something wrong even though he or she might not have done it. The result is that a significant number of people end up getting into trouble because they have chosen to take up a position that presents them as being guilty rather than taking the action of denying guilt. While this may be the case, there are circumstances where the best method of an individual defending himself is through ensuring that he or she denies everything.
In a situation where there is little evidence that an event took place, the best defense is to deny everything because it allows an individual to be given the benefit of doubt. This is especially the case where if one is found guilty or to have known of an event that took place, one might get into trouble. It is essential to note that through denying everything, an individual is allowed to ensure that he is beyond suspicion and this helps ensure that the person’s freedom from pressure that develops from a guilty conscience. It is through denying everything that individuals can protect their reputation from harm as seen in the manner that some politicians, even though guilty of some scandalous activities, deny any wrongdoing, and this allows them to preserve their political careers.
When an individual is defending himself, denial is necessary because to deny something continuously creates a scenario where those listening end up believing the stance taken by the person defending himself. This is exactly the way through which the Nazi’s were able to spread their propaganda because its ministry of propaganda repeated information that was false over and over again until the German population came to believe this information to be true. In the same way, there are instances where denying everything over and over again can be a useful means of individuals defending themselves in situations where there is a potential of their getting in trouble. It is also a means of ensuring absolution where they would otherwise have been found guilty and given stiff punishments.
Denying everything can be considered to be the best line of defense in a situation where an individual is faced with seemingly overwhelming odds. This is because it gives individuals the room to maneuver in such a manner that that they are better able to defend themselves while at the same time ensuring that they have a means through which they can keep themselves from trouble. Denying everything and remaining constant is essential to ensure that the denial is accepted as fact by the listeners.
In conclusion, the discussion above has attempted to show that denying everything is essential to ensure that individuals are able to keep themselves out of trouble. Furthermore, it helps in protecting individuals from hostile situations which might turn out to be harmful to them. Finally, it is also essential to note that a significant number of individuals who have denied everything, such as politicians, have been able to continue living their lives normally and have gone on to make great achievements Read More
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Persuasive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 9.
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