Discuss whether 'dress' (clothes and style) can be considered a form of communication. Does it make sense to speak of the language of clothes - Essay Example

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Modern people have been accustomed to the way the clothes they wear dictate their lives as stylish but later they start to age become stale and…
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Discuss whether 'dress' (clothes and style) can be considered a form of communication. Does it make sense to speak of the language of clothes
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Extract of sample "Discuss whether 'dress' (clothes and style) can be considered a form of communication. Does it make sense to speak of the language of clothes"

Download file to see previous pages Again, the phrase appears to give an entire cultures implicit understanding of clothing and styles as communicative function. Normally, both clothing and the communicative function of style are perceived as a kind of being problematic and well understood in some culture. Majorly, an investigation into whether clothing behavior is, in general, a communicative adjustment to a particular culture will carefully be discussed herein. Basically, the paper examines the correlation in the communicative adaptability and the clothing tendency(Barnard, 1996).
Clothing has a communicative function. In accordance to the understanding of the social psychology of dress, it is important that one understands that the total arrangement of outwardly detectable body modification inclusive of all material objects added onto it brings out the body supplement (May, 2013). In this case, the body modifications directly change the body, which includes making changes of the color appearance, supplements addition such as jewelry, clothing and hearing aids and a wide range of accessories. Some of the modifications in an individual may end up permanent like teeth straightening or even temporary such as deodorant. Thus, dress can alter how the body looks, feels, smells or even sounds. Clothing is taken to be a universal human behavior in that there are no societies where people do not engage in dressing behaviourism (Gott and Loughran, 2010). In defining clothing, it was noted that clothes provide to outright functions for humans, that is a modifier in the body process and as a medium of communication. When thinking about clothing in the dimension of modifier of the body process the focus is on the supplements and modifications that usually serve as interfaces between the general body and the large physical and the social environments in which human beings are found to live. When clothing protects the human body from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Discuss Whether 'dress&Apos; (clothes and Style) Can Be Essay)
“Discuss Whether 'dress&Apos; (clothes and Style) Can Be Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/journalism-communication/1683100-discuss-whether-aposdressapos-clothes-and-style-can-be-considered-a-form-of-communication-does-it-make-sense-to-speak-of-the-language-of-clothes.
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