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Even though most people often put much emphasis on the negatives particularly when they talk about the effects of advertising, it is very crucial to note that it does have positive effects on the society (Pardun, Carol 1943). In fact, a…
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Position 7: Is advertising good for society
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Is advertising good for society? Yes advertising is good for the society. Even though most people often put much emphasison the negatives particularly when they talk about the effects of advertising, it is very crucial to note that it does have positive effects on the society (Pardun, Carol 1943). In fact, a good number of the society’s most vital messages have originated from advertising. For instance, a message such as like "Friends dont let friends drive drunk." such advertisements are informative and helpful thus making people to the each others’ caretaker. Advertising is very important to the society as the information that it imparts often assist consumers in making better decisions (Alexander and Hanson, 113).
This therefore implies that though it has both positive and negative effects, in real life, its positive side and benefits far outweighs its negative criticisms. For instance, other than promoting vital social messages, advertisements are also able to spark economy by fostering and advancing innovation and competition (Pardun, Carol 1944).
Advertising encourages companies to compete thus providing new innovating and high quality goods thus improving the lives of people. On the other hand, this encourages many people to purchase such products because they meet their needs and wants. As a result, the increased demand positively affects the economy and the society in general (Pardun, Carol 1943). additionally, advertising helps create new and more jobs, for instance, as the demand for products and services increases as a result of advertising, many people are required to produce, ship, supply and test those services and products. Hence, creating more jobs. This helps in raising the standard of living of people and the society in entirety.
While advertising can be an annoyance, not so pleasing and bothersome to the eye there are other benefits it creates for the society. One of such benefits is that it reasonably drives all media outlets ranging from radio and TV to internet and magazines. These media outlets derive most of their incomes from the advertisers enabling their products and services to be free or less expensive. Since all major networks as well as radio stations operate this way, they offer free service to the users and listeners (Pardun, Carol 1943). A lot of internet sites also offer free services since they generate revenue through the advertisements. So basically it is the advertising that greatly makes the world of mass media to go round. 
In addition, advertisements create awareness of products and services or message to the society. It supports privately owned media thus eliminating the monopoly control of the media by the government. Advertisements provide information thus stimulating the economy and improves competition as well which helps in keeping costs down for the society. Advertising is a free speech and can work in promoting free speech especially in nations where the free speech has been suppressed. Advertising is therefore able to encourage the notion that free speech is vital in any society (Alexander and Hanson, 123). Therefore, it promotes freedom of choice component of the society. It helps individuals to make choices in societies where there are too many to make. Advertising is good for the society because it gives the need information in an entertaining way which is actually helpful in a person’s life.
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