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Sociology - How does advertising function as a system of indoctrination - Essay Example

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Advertising is a marketing tool which creates artificial needs and wants in the minds of consumers or convinces them about certain views by creating illusions. These illusions are disseminated by the elite class of the society who impose their doctrines on the other non power holders, even if they have a differing point of view; it is never shown…
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Sociology - How does advertising function as a system of indoctrination
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Sociology - How does advertising function as a system of indoctrination

Download file to see previous pages... Advertising functions as a system of indoctrination because it only highlights specific ideas, attitudes, views or beliefs and hiding or obscuring other. These beliefs which are most usually preferred and shown through mass media are of a particular class, which is the elite class of any society. These are the institutions, big corporations or governmental positions, which hold the power in the country and dominate all the decisions of the society by controlling the essential resources and holding the authority.
Karl Marx had similar views as those in the video discussed above, which he has discussed under capitalism. He said that popular culture or Bourgeoisie are dominating the political ideologies and power structures and that ordinary people’s needs served the interests of the dominant class. The dominant class includes capitalists who control both the supply and demand in the market. Supply is controlled by them as they are the producers of the goods in the market, but demand is also influenced by their control over the media they use to manipulate people’s perception of what they need. This role of media here is the role of advertising as being a distraction for the ordinary man and diverting his needs and wants by molding them in such a way so as to satisfy the needs of the dominant class....
This role of media here is the role of advertising as being a distraction for the ordinary man and diverting his needs and wants by molding them in such a way so as to satisfy the needs of the dominant class. Advertising like newspapers, television etc makes the powerful visible and makes the ordinary people hear and follow what the elite class wants them to by creating a distraction in their needs and wants. Thus Marx would have said the same about advertising that, it is present in such a plentiful amount all over around us and everywhere that it has created a consumer culture, fostering those desires or wants and needs in people which are not there originally. They have inculcated into our lives and have started controlling ourselves, our views, attitudes, lifestyles everything. Another philosopher Sigmund Freud believed that advertising manipulates people wants. He related advertising to an idea which shapes desires in humans of certain products using symbols. Now these symbols are related to the primary drives of Eros (sex or life) and Thanatos (aggression or death), two basic drives which motivate all thoughts, emotions and behaviors in humans (“Drives, Structural and Topographical Models”). A person’s life is based on these two instincts which produce different reactions or emotions and behaviors in them. It encompasses the entire concept of survival, which means to stay alive, reproduce and protect from those who hinders or harms these motives i.e. of sex or aggression (“Drives, Structural and Topographical Models”). Using sex appeal of females or males as a symbol in advertisement by exposing their bodies or by engaging them in certain poses develops a desire in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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