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UK Media: Guardian and Independent Portray Asylum Seekers - Case Study Example

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A paper "UK Media: Guardian and Independent Portray Asylum Seekers" reports that legislation has made very hard for those who claim asylum, apply and also have their cases to heard in a fair manner. Most of the asylums no longer have trust in the system's capability in delivering a fair hearing. …
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UK Media: Guardian and Independent Portray Asylum Seekers
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Extract of sample "UK Media: Guardian and Independent Portray Asylum Seekers"

Download file to see previous pages This is because of the inadequacy of the law that can support the system, inaccurate translation and making of decisions that are of poor quality. The asylum system failed to encourage those who refused asylum seekers, and, for this reason, this has forced the seekers into illegality and destitution. On the hand, the members of the public have also lost confidence in the asylum system, and they believe that it is too open to abusive, yet their comprehending on the problem is very little. In summary, immigration and asylum issues have many controversies in the areas of debate and public policy (Finney, 2003). In addition, the formation of the policy and public are not served up to best due to the inaccuracy of coverage by the media coverage that is unfair and misleads as well. Those who seek asylum and refuge due to fleeing conflicts and from being persecuted are attacked, in the United Kingdom, as well as the communities identified with them. However, alarming media coverage is blamed because they validate and encourage such attacks. The media and politicians polarized views made informed and balanced debate almost impossible (Finney, 2004). In the month of October 2003, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) gave a guiding note to journalist and editors. They warned them of the risks that inaccurate, misleading or distorted reporting can generate the atmosphere that is full of hostility and fear. The term such conducts as the breaching of Clause one of the industries Code of Practice. For this reason, this research would focus on how media houses, the guardian and independent, portrait asylum seekers on their publication dated 26th January 2015. Further, the report would attempt to focus on past analysis by scholars on how the independent and guardian monitor and report refugees and asylum seekers. Even from the time Complaints Commission Guidance Note on Reporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers was introduced in the month of October 2003. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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