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Influence of the media on politics in the society - Research Paper Example

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Journalism and mass media are considered to be elements or components of communication in the sense that they involve collection and transfer of information to people through the use of right channels. Communication is considered as the fundamental tool in any country, and this…
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Influence of the media on politics in the society
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Download file to see previous pages Journalism entails collection of information from the scenes, recording of the information and transfer of the information to the targeted group. Mass media is understood to be an organization of the journalists and communication tools which are used together to convey information in the most effective, efficient and convenient manner. There are various interpretations that are offered to communication and so does the crisis in communication. Crisis communication is understood to be a sub-specialty that is incorporated in the public relations field, and is purposely designed to help in protecting and shielding organizations and individuals who are faced by public challenge to their standing (Ulmer, npag). According to the understanding drawn from some professionals, communication crisis is the assumption or viewpoint of changeable situations that are observed to have a negative threat to the expectations of individuals. This is especially directed to business organizations where the stakeholders are faced by unpredictable situations in the sense that they cannot determine the future of an organization in terms of the financial status or stand.
There are various issues that have been confirmed to be influenced by mass media, and these are with inclusion of the public sectors, private sectors and the political systems among others. The cultural and societal expectations from people are also affected by the mass media due to the communication approaches that are used. This results to communication crisis, which negatively alters the performance of people or organizations in a given community. Considering the elements that need to be considered in ensuring that the communication crisis plan is effective, it is essential to consider the content, the mood, the language and the design of the communication approaches that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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