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Have our hegemonic ideas of masculinity changed Answer this question by comparing and contrasting the representation of mascul - Essay Example

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Name Task Tutor Date Hegemonic Ideas of Masculinity in the Film Industry Introduction The films The Searchers (1956) and Michael Clayton (2007) are used to outline the concerns of male representation in journalism, mass and media communication. They focus on the reproduction of cultural configurations of feminity and masculinity as naturally determined by sexual diversity and physiological differences…
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Have our hegemonic ideas of masculinity changed Answer this question by comparing and contrasting the representation of mascul
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Download file to see previous pages The interaction of man with the media and communication tends to create a crisis, with the un-tenability of conceptualized single, fixed and unified masculinity. In the film Michael Clayton, there is the depiction of masculinity as a ruthless force, with highly realistic dominance in the courts of law. There is a perception of self-drive and control in the main character, Michael Clayton, brings down alternatives and preferences in his clients as a way of exchanging their fantasies with unjustified justice. Many clients believe that Michael works miracles in the law field, though he is a self-proclaimed janitor. Male masculinity is, hereby, depicted as having changed hegemonically, with the portrayal of a super power in the masculine main character, Michael, who mysteriously succeeds in his law career by winning his cases. In the Searchers film, there is the depiction of male masculinity as cruel and racist. The main character, who is a white man, is a violent character that interacts with people from other races by killing them. The film brings out the perspective of typical racism in the notion of terrorism, with the tarnished hegemonic ideas of the male masculinity in the media fraternity clearly depicted. Racism is the main theme of The Searchers, which also questions the morality levels and quality in the planning and carrying out of terrorism. The film surprisingly and amazingly explores the relations between blood-related individuals and those who have a race in common. Kinship is depicted as a wise choice for masculinity between relationships with blood-related individuals and individuals of the same race. The main character believes that he cannot make any relations or deals with the Indians due to their race and culture, and should rather kill them than make deals, or interact with them. This brings about changed hegemonic perceptions and ideas of masculinity through the media and communication. Racism is highly associated with male masculinity, with many race abuses proven to originate from the males. This is clearly depicted in the Searchers, whereby, the whites brutally kill the Indians, and bring up a racist myth. The Whites consider themselves a superior and dominant race over the Indians, in the movies and the inevitably real situation, and treat racism as a comic channel. This leaves the Indians humiliated if not dead, and turns racism into a horror situation. The media and mass communication industry tends to bring the changed hegemonic ideas about masculinity to light, with the controversial consideration of racism as a comedy rather than a tragedy or timebomb. In the Trailer film, Clayton works closely with the head of the law firm, Marty Bash, as an anchor in intelligence, authority and masculinity. This strongly angers a top partner in the firm, who strips naked and runs through the snowed parking lot, during a deposition hearing. This is a clear example of changed hegemonic ideas in masculinity in the media sector. Arthur is loaded with the testifying responsibility of delivering justice, which is questioned after he strips and runs naked in the parking lot. Male masculinity has faced a changed perception, both in the media sector and in the real world, which has led to the domination of feminity in journalism and mass media. Male actors and characters in the film industry ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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