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To what extent does the professional ideology of socially responsible journalism serve the public interest Discuss with refere - Essay Example

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Journalism and Mass Media Name Professor Course Date Journalism and Mass Media Introduction Responsible journalism system serves the interest of the public in different ways. The United Nations has been in the front line of advising different nations of the world to embrace the freedom of media policy…
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To what extent does the professional ideology of socially responsible journalism serve the public interest Discuss with refere
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Download file to see previous pages A biased information is not the final truth, and in the case where the media owner influences the kind of information to be issued, then the media fails in being independent ( 2013). The norm of objectivity is made up of two components. One such component is depersonalization, which is a requirement stipulating that when issuing a report or information, a journalist should never express his or her own views, evaluations or believes for this may lead to delivery of biased information. The second component is balance, which involves presenting opinions of agents from both sides of a controversy, and by all means avoiding favoring one side. The policy of objectivity requires that when dealing with authoritative sources like politicians, journalist should report the views of these sources in a way that proves that they are not favoring any one side ( 2013). The objectivity policy helps in making sure that the public is protected from biased information that may mislead them when making decisions. Sometimes the information to be reported might not be in conjunction with their beliefs or evaluations, and the policy helps in presenting truth to the public during such instances. Under the responsible journalism system, the public enjoys transparency in different arms of the government and the corporate sector. Socially responsible journalism ensures that journalists working in different departments are careful about the kind of information they present to the public ( 2013). Balance, which is part of the objectivity policy of journalism, helps in making sure that journalists give the exact information about any authoritative source of information like the government. Through their unbiased and truthful reporting of the activities of the government, journalists help in ensuring that the public is aware of the government’s progress, is a position to scrutinize as well as put the government in check. Such information becomes useful to the public when voting in the next government ( 2013). The policy of objectivity helps in protecting the rights of the public. In most parts of the world, the greatest traitors and dictators have been rendered powerless by responsible journalism. Responsible journalism educates the public more about their rights and through such education, the public is able to ensure that they acquire their various rights and freedom as stipulated by the law. Sometimes when some governments fail to offer good leadership, the media comes in to serve the role of activists. This at times serves as good way of keeping the government in check, by inciting the public and of ensuring that the public enjoys good governance (Carr 2006). There are many instances in different parts of the world where a social responsible journalism system saves the day by giving the public the right information. Journalism being a source of information, analysis and comments on the current affairs, journalism as a field helps in many different roles in the modern society. The principal goal of almost every professional journalist is to serve the society by being transparent as he or she issues the right and true information to the public. Journalists also examine the way power is exercised by the elected or appointed leaders. Through this, they help in inspiring democratic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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