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SALEM, NC, December 1, 2014-Reynolds American Inc., one of America’s largest tobacco company, is launching its strategic mission to transform the American tobacco industry through the introduction of alternative smokeless products and its revamped Vuse-brand electronic…
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News Conference Assignment
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Reynolds American Inc.’s Strategic Mission to Transform the Tobacco Industry Reynolds American Inc.’s Strategic Mission to Transform the Tobacco Industry
SALEM, NC, December 1, 2014-Reynolds American Inc., one of America’s largest tobacco company, is launching its strategic mission to transform the American tobacco industry through the introduction of alternative smokeless products and its revamped Vuse-brand electronic cigarettes which seeks to guarantee its users the “perfect puff”.
Fueled by the significant decline in adult smoking within the United States in the last five decades, the company aims at expanding its operations in the development of alternative products in a bid to trigger other revenue generating plans independent of conventional cigarette products. This venture represents another initiative from a tobacco giant in a trend that seems to be catching on in the industry as a result of the reduced demand for traditional tobacco cigarettes.
The move was declared on Monday by the returning CEO, Susan Cameron, who had previously served in the same position between 2004 and 2011. Questioned about the plans to set the initiative into action, Cameron said that her key objective was to guarantee that the impetus of the initiative was not only advanced, but accelerated to certify that the corporation would establish themselves in the line before their main competitors could. Just months after the company had relinquished the top-selling blu, which was seen by many as the tobacco industry’s future, to the Imperial Tobacco group, the company head reaffirmed her belief that e-cigarettes could transform the industry.
Despite the World Health Organization’s resolve against the use of e-cigarettes, Reynolds is committed towards working and liaising with other players in the tobacco industry to ensure its preeminence within the industry. Currently, the company has ensured that all it products are in line with regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National as well as international policies .
Athavaley, A. & Cavale, S. (2014, Jul 15) Reynolds gains in menthol, gives up e-cigarette brand. Reuters. Retrieved from Read More
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News Conference Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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