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CBI and QNB - Assignment Example

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This essay mainly focuses on the origin and business operations of the Commercial Bank International (CBI) of United Arab Emirates and Qatar National Bank (QNB) of Middle East. Moreover, the assignment also focuses on the mission and vision of the organizations of CBI and QNB…
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Extract of sample "CBI and QNB"

Download file to see previous pages This assignment also highlights the implemented strategy that may increase its portfolio and reputation in their respective markets as compared to others. Furthermore, the implemented strategy will also be evaluated so as to analyze its effectiveness and to recommend the most effective strategy is also for the organizations.
The Commercial Bank International (CBI) of United Arab Emirates is a one of the budding commercial bank of United Arab Emirates. It is one of the reputed local brands established in the year 1991 offering a wide range of financial benefits such as auto loans, vehicle loans, credit cards enhancements and many more to its customers. This helped the organization to improve its market share and demand in the market of United Arab Emirates as compared to many other rival contenders. In-spite of being a public share holding company, it enhanced its reliability and loyalty within the minds of the local customers for its value-added services. The organization always tries to offer high valued products to its customers so as to improve their commitment and reliability. This is done in order to increase the sustainability and relationship with the customers that may amplify its brand value and profitability (Commercial Bank International, 2014).
Similarly, Qatar National Bank (QNB) is established in the year 1964 as one of the first owned commercial bank of Middle East. It mainly offers a wide range of investment banking value-added services to its corporate and institutional clients with the help of its subsidiaries. This helped the organizations to expand it-self in numerous locations that amplified its dependency and reputations as compared to others (Qatar National Bank, 2014).
The mission of Commercial Bank International (CBI) is to offer highly value-added and simple products and services to its target ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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