Analyze this rhetorical situation using Aristotle and Bitzers ideas on rhetoric to provide insight - Assignment Example

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This is to say that situations are key in shaping both speech’s substance and form more in comparison to any other factor. On the other…
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Analyze this rhetorical situation using Aristotle and Bitzers ideas on rhetoric to provide insight
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Aristotle and Bitzer’s ideas on Marlon Brando One of the famous Aristotle arguments was that any rhetoric is about using any means that are available of persuading in certain situations. This is to say that situations are key in shaping both speech’s substance and form more in comparison to any other factor. On the other hand, Lloyd Blitzer arguments of rhetoric are based on the insight of Aristotle. Blitzer in his thoughts tries to answer what things make a situation to be rhetorical.
In 17973, Marlon Brando won Oscar award on the best actor. In his response, Marlon sends his godfather Sacheen Liitlefeather to reject the award on his behalf. The situation is rhetoric since instead of Brando acknowledging the award or going in person in front of the audience and rejects the award, he sends a second person who rejects the award on his behalf. In Brando’s proxy, godfather rejects the offer claiming that the Indians of that that time were mistreated. In contrast to this statement, Brando himself was selected in Oscars winning award as the best actor in that year (Sonneborn and Liz, pg. 322).
To the audience who were there eagerly waiting to hear Brando’s speech, this speech delivered by Littlefeather came as a great shock. This is because in a typical Oscars award, the winner of any category gives a speech as little as thank you for showing appreciation. This shows at least a sense of acceptance and honor for receiving the award given. In Brando’s case, however, he miraculously decided to consider his godfather to deliver a speech that was contrary to the expectation of the audience.
First, to the ceremony it was extremely relevant for Brando to give acceptance speech to the award. During that time, the Oscars award was celebrating the greatness in the film industry. In a show of opposition and contrast, Brando and his godfather were making a statement that was directly portraying the Native Americans in the films as being negative o the Indians of that time.
Secondly, Brando used this great opportunity to catch the attention of the huge audience that was there waiting to listen to his acceptance speech. The Oscars are the world’s most publicized events that take place once every year. The event is usually aired live. It draws a huge number of people who come to listen and witness acceptance speeches of the great who have been chosen in every category. Unlike the ads of television that are prerecorded and annoy the viewers every time they are aired, Littlefeathers speech was only given once during the program. It drew the attention of several people (Johansen and Bruce, pg. 177).
Watching this video of Littlefeather delivering the speech on behalf of Marlon Brando on YouTube certainly does not create that effect that was there during that time when the speech was delivered at first. Honestly speaking, I am not sure of my reaction if I were among the audience who were there eagerly waiting for Brando’s speech. His move is a worthy course that not only requires dejection, but also offers something unusual to think about.
The event offered Brando a good opportunity to present his beliefs that Indians are being mistreated. His timing can be regarded as being perfect since he used a great opportunity where a huge number of people across the globe hard gathered for the historic event. Despite his timing, the situation can be said to be rhetoric since Brando used it to express his feeling of mistreatment instead of accepting the lucrative present he was offered.
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