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In the essay “Social Life in Popular Music” the statement that popular music is political by its nature is defended. In fact, such a question is of scientific interest due to the fact that this phenomenon is hardly measured and evaluated…
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Social Life in Popular Music
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Social Life in Popular Music
In the essay, the statement that popular music is political by its nature is defended. In fact, such a question is of scientific interest due to the fact that this phenomenon is hardly measured. In particular, the extent to which music is represented in social life is still unknown due to the indirect nature of its action. So, it can be analyzed in terms of identity, cultural imperialism, and call for radical changes.
To start with, the important differentiation between definitions of “popular” and “pop” should be given. In fact, it is evident that not all popular music is limited by pop genre. Actually, certain rock and blues songs gained popularity in certain epochs. So, being popular is not just being meaningless or pop. In fact, in a given period of time and in certain circumstances popularity is gained by representatives of different musical genres. Consequently, it can be noticed that popular music is determined by consumerism and dynamic and cannot be limited by the genre of pop.
Furthermore, several examples of political nature of popular music are analyzed. Firstly, the question of identity and music is risen. In terms of creation certain subcultures such a music power is clearly noticed. In fact, it is a special environment which surrounds a certain genre of music and unites a certain self-identification with the society. In particular, it can be seen in the way popular music creates ideals for them and encourages to change the world. Moreover, it is evident that for some people being a music fan is more important than their ethnicity or gender. Thus, the nature of popular music is deeply political.
Then, the very ability to transform one’s self-identification in the society is transcended on the global level. Here, world music charts are surely supporting contemporary cultural imperialism which is evident in the political context. Actually, the very ability of music to cross the borders enables this role for it. For instance, cases of Cuban and Turkish music reveal a significant influence of Western trends and international music companies on them. Moreover, in Cuba this impact is even more powerful than local cultural effects. And so, it is evident that popular music is reflecting all the main political trends in the world on the global level.
Finally, the real cases of causal linkage between popular music and political actions should be discussed. As the nature of popular music shows, it has the same logic as political processes do. In fact, some singers gain power, promote their ideas, and are widely acknowledged and respected; the others lose the battle for world stage and move to opposition by creating subcultures and remaining local. By putting it this way, it can be observed that music sphere behaves differently in the circumstances of different political regimes and is not connected to the specific music genre. Actually, the political situation for music is really important in encouraging people to change their lives. For instance, in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes there exist censorship and reviewing committees. Thus, musicians turn into the revolutionary leaders by simply telling what they fell through the music in these circumstances. In democratic states, musicians are also involved in the social movements; nevertheless, their music is generally taken more personally as no radical changes are needed. Thus, music political role is more visible for the researchers when the political regime is discriminatory.
All this together enables to state that all popular music is political. In particular, the way it is created and the effects it has on the societies globally enables to state this. Read More
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Social Life in Popular Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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