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However, genetic manipulation done by humans to produce better variants of any plant or animal, mainly for economic growth or research, is termed as genetic engineering and…
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Download file to see previous pages The role of media in this regard is crucial since it the only source of communication between the general public and big biotechnological companies such as Monsanto, Novartis, Pioneer etc. It is also hard to ignore the fact that the media plays a very important role when it comes to influencing the perception of society since today, people tend to rely a lot on media and its outreach. Therefore, media has the sole power to change the notion of people about genetically modified products and the same power is misused.
Scientists consider genetic engineered crops to be a boon for society however, there a millions of people who are against the technology simply because the technology as a whole and the risks associated with it is either not clear or are misinterpreted to them.
It is often hard for a society as a whole to accept a new form of technology. Genetically Modified crops may have already reached the shelves of the supermarkets yet even today the risks and concerns associated to GMO crops are perceived negatively by society. Safety is the first concern since some instances have shown that GM crops may not be as safe as they appear to be. For example a U.S. company Pioneer Hi-Bred modified soybeans and introduced a gene from Brazilian nuts that could enhance production of sulfur-rich amino acids but on further tests showed that the product which was actually meant for animal feed was an allergen to humans. The concept was not pursued any further by the company(Jones, 1999).Statistical findings about Monsanto’s products such as modified corn MON 863 and MON 810 by researchers showed that in contrast to Monsanto’s reports toxic these corns were detrimental to human health (Vendemois et al, 2010).  .Risks associated with GMOs also include interbreeding between modified and wild types giving rise to potentially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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