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Reactvertising knowledge started with a tweet of Oreo in the super Bowl and since then it has not been in any other documentation. The…
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Reflection on a recent media-related news item
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Reflection on a Recent Media-Related News Item Reflection on a Recent Media-Related News Item The Next Logical Step in Real-Time Marketing: Reactvertising
Real-time marketing is increasingly attracting new ideas and inventions that are gearing towards better execution of the advertisements. Reactvertising knowledge started with a tweet of Oreo in the super Bowl and since then it has not been in any other documentation. The advertising agencies are always on the run sullying Reactvertising for paradigms (Wheaton, 2014). Research on the need for reactive advertising show user’s displeasure with slow and boring real-time marketing and so are ready to appreciate the evolutions in advertisement. John saint an agency based in Toronto initially known for inventing Catvertising receives another honor of having being the pioneers and originators of Reactvertising (Wheaton, 2014). John St describes Reactvertising as not as the art of fun or being smart but having the ability to work faster on advertisement.
Working faster and maintaining the standards appears to be the primary concern of many of the speed writers in the promotional video (Wheaton, 2014). The respondents raise their concern if they are to write whatever pops in their minds or ignore the old style of thinking and adopt Reactivism. According to one of the client’s testimonial, in the video the John saint provisions state that no one has better thinking than others do (Wheaton, 2014). Social media are changing the dynamics of contents in marketing and advertisement. The historical ways of advertisement were procedural from the warehouses to the advertisement Medias like the newspaper broadcasts or radio and televisions. The dynamics in marketing in the social media such as Facebook and twitter have since improved the speed of advertising with communications between brands and customers being direct.
Wheaton, K. (2014). The Next Logical Step in Real-Time Marketing: Reactvertising. Retrieved on November 3, 2014, from Read More
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