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Cultural Studies - Essay Example

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The paper has been divided into five different sections. The study begins with an introduction about culture as well as the media. This paper is mainly aimed at literature survey through which is attempts to explore various angles of cultural bias perpetuated by the media. …
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Cultural Studies
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Download file to see previous pages From the essay it is clear images, sounds and various types of spectacles form the foundation of media culture and in turn influence our everyday life closely. It dominates the leisure time of individuals, influences political opinions, social behavior and provides materials out of which people create their identity. Different types of media resources like radio, television and films particular focus over the materials that emphasis over the aspects of gender discrimination on sexual grounds. At the same time the ideas of being successful or unsuccessful, powerful or powerless are also determined by the media.
As the report declares media is also one of the major sources for providing the indications with the help of which an individual identifies his class, ethnicity, race, nationality and a concept of us and them. It is through such prevailing influence media not only determines culture but also outlook of the world. In the context of determining right or wrong act, morality and immorality, the role of media is undeniable. At the same time it is media culture which determines what is good and what is bad, positive and negative, moral or immoral. The various issues portrayed by the media helps in constructing various symbols, myths which in turn constitutes a common culture for the larger part of the population. It should be noted that it is the various materials of the media which gives an individual the basis to locate himself within a technically advanced capitalist society and which in turn gives rise to a new type of global culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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