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Higher institutions of learning have been bestowed with the responsibility of inculcating knowledge and skills that will make the students responsible and dependable citizens. Colleges are no longer places of only reading but where students are prepared to think critically. In…
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How does college experience affect future experiences
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Lecturer How college experience affect future behaviors Higher s of learning have been bestowed with the responsibility of inculcating knowledge and skills that will make the students responsible and dependable citizens. Colleges are no longer places of only reading but where students are prepared to think critically. In college, students discover new ideas and ways of looking at different situations. This paper analyzes how experiences in college affect future behaviors.
Good communication skill is one of the attributes that students are taught in college. In today’s workplace E-mails, Memos and telephone conversations are the common modes of communication. Students learn to listen and pass their ideas articulately with good communication skills. In order to score good grades, students must be committed to attending all the classes. This is also true at the workplace. Employees are expected to be at their work place every day with few off days. Results are what matters in colleges in spite of how hard one works. At the workplace employees are also expected to deliver on their targets without excuses. Time keeping is a critical factor in our college lives. Both in college and workplace we are required to observe time and be punctual always.
(Staley & Staley, 2012) observes that students should be able to exhibit the work ethic they had in college in their work life. The way they worked hard to achieve good grades should be the same way they will strive in their work places to meet the standards set by the organization.
Most students have at one point been given a group work assignment. This experience prepares them to work in committees in future. They are also expected to be good team players from the experience they gain through the group work. In college students meet others from different races and cultural backgrounds. This enables them to appreciate and co-exist peaceful with other people from different backgrounds in their future endeavors. It helps them develop socially and intellectually. The extra co-curricular activities students participate in help in drilling discipline and enhancing self esteem. It also develops students socially since they interact with many people. Students are also thought to obey rules which in turn them into responsible citizens once they grow up.
The values and characters developed in college can have a huge influence on success in the professional life. As (Staley & Staley, 2012) summarizes it “Thanks to having gone to college, you can begin your career with ready-to-go professional advantages.”
Staley, C., & Staley, S. (2012). Focus on college and career success. Boston, MA: Wadsworth cengage learning. Read More
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