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Sociology assignment: book requir This book is not required by Inge Bell - Essay Example

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College years would have proved a nightmare especially when I would be cut from life in class and the broad range of elements that came with social settings and interactions at the education centers. Having to handle personal experiences and opportunities head on, seeing the…
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Sociology assignment: book requir This book is not required by Inge Bell
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"Sociology assignment: book requir This book is not required by Inge Bell"

Download file to see previous pages Intimate relationships in higher institutions are an order of the day. With space and freedom from parents, exploring my sexual orientations presented the truth of falling in and out of love. As a young underclassman, with a young, inexperienced, sensitive ego, making informed decisions when dealing with real-time issues was critical. The elderly generation was always in my case. With their amassed experiences, they know a lost youth when they see one. Back in their days, they knew where to find a good woman, not in the kitchen of course. They would cut between myths and realities. Things were never the same. Technology is a whole world different. My college life involved tackling my kind of generation myths. Inge Bell’s insights in ‘This Book is not Required’ fit in my experiences as an undergraduate, and offered a clear manual on how to reasonably make informed decisions in order to survive intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
Bell offers an insight on how to lead a life that ensures intellectual survival. Securing a place in a college of choice takes hard work and discipline during the high school years. I wanted to achieve the most decent grades that would guarantee a place in the job market. The myths about college life are many, but Bell puts it better; college is fun, easy, safe, and good. With so much freedom in my hands, cultivating a culture of success would need a very informed approach in dealing with everyday experiences. Bell’s advice fit in my daily experiences inside the education center. He illuminates the need to appreciate the teacher students contradictions. This would shape my life in and outside the classroom. Looking at the teacher as a subject of the learning process did not turn me into a passive object. The teacher would be entirely informed about the subject topic, would want the learners to listen and pay attention, would structure the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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