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Social Networks: Privacy and Surveillance on Facebook, Google and Beyondwhich item or figure from Art, Visual Culture, Media or the Digital / Online Realm exemplifies this Topic - Essay Example

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They are web-founded podiums that incorporate diverse media, communication and information technologies, which permit at least the creation of profiles that show information defines the clients, the indication of…
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Social Networks: Privacy and Surveillance on Facebook, Google and Beyondwhich item or figure from Art, Visual Culture, Media or the Digital / Online Realm exemplifies this Topic
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Extract of sample "Social Networks: Privacy and Surveillance on Facebook, Google and Beyondwhich item or figure from Art, Visual Culture, Media or the Digital / Online Realm exemplifies this Topic"

Download file to see previous pages These technologies are mainly designed for users to continually monitor digital traces left behind by people they are attached to through social networking sites. The envisioned usage of Facebook, for instance, is to “share and link with the societies in your life” by seeing the user profiles and News Feed (Galloway and Thacker 8). This information is publicized to be seen, and as such, individuals can look carefully. The assemblage of practices outlined like watching, creeping, stalking, or looking are distinctive to social media use, but this social surveillance produces panoptic types of paraphernalia. People display their information digitally with an audience in mind, often altering social media content to specific individuals (Galloway and Thacker 8). Strictly mediated publics are described by both high awareness of being under observation and watching. Information shared by users from these social networking sites are widely proliferating around the world without users noticing enough. Although social networking sites have become the most convenient ways to socialize with friends, the on-going problems of cyber surveillance and privacy intrusion are the excessive downsides of the social Medias’ merits.
The fundamental idea of the social networking sites is that anyone can share his or her personal moment with friends from anywhere. Danah Boyd believes this social media phenomenon is welcoming to this technological industrialized era, but she also speaks the potential privacy intrusion that the majority of social media users often forget to remember when posting their personal documents online (Boyd 2008). Boyd states that in this linked public, while being considered to be the world influential invention of the 21th century, has four important aspects—persistence, searchability, replicability, and invisible audiences—to be understood before anyone, especially teenagers, posts personal images on these sites (Boyd 2008). To ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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