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The Rise of CCTV Surveillance in the UK - Case Study Example

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The author of the following paper claims that the development of criminal activity worldwide has led to the increase of measures taken by the state towards the limitation of phenomena of violence against the citizens in both urban and rural areas. However, in most cases, criminals remain unpunished…
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The Rise of CCTV Surveillance in the UK
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Extract of sample "The Rise of CCTV Surveillance in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages Appropriate theories have been employed in order to explain the increase in a number of these systems implemented across the country. It seems that the introduction of such systems in the UK is unavoidable taking into account the percentages of criminal activity developed across the country; as for the personal rights – which can be considered as partially violated by the use of CCTV systems – it can be mentioned that the level of violation of these rights because of the use of the above systems is low compared to the benefits resulted; the use of CCTV systems is related to the decrease of criminal activity in the areas where these systems operate. The above issues are also justified through the theory developed in the particular field. The interest of the public is considered to be more important than the interest of the persons that would claim a violation of their rights because of the use of CCTV systems. On the other hand, there is also the view that the use of CCTV systems has not led to the limitation of criminal activity. All aspects of these systems’ effectiveness in the UK will be examined especially in relation to the theory developed in a specific area of knowledge. Statistics and figures will be also used for the support of the assumptions made. CCTV systems have been found to be valuable tools of support for the British police even if the effectiveness of these systems is sometimes limited.
The use of CCTV surveillance systems across Britain has been increased the last years (see indicative graph in Figure 1) mostly because of the relevant increase of criminal events in all regions across the country.
CCTV systems have been considered to be particularly valuable in the limitation of criminal activity in Britain; there are however opposite views that they consider the use of these systems to be a violation of human rights; the benefits achieved have been also criticized to be low compared to their cost and the violation of rights with which these systems are related.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Rise of CCTV Surveillance in the UK Case Study.
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