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Vessel traffic services (VTS) & coastal surveillance system (CSS) - Essay Example

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International Maritime Organization (IOM) defines Vessel traffic services (VTS) “as a service implemented by a competent authority designed to improve the safety and efficiency of vessel traffic and to protect the environment.
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Vessel traffic services (VTS) & coastal surveillance system (CSS)
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Download file to see previous pages International Maritime Organization (IOM) defines Vessel traffic services (VTS) “as a service implemented by a competent authority designed to improve the safety and efficiency of vessel traffic and to protect the environment. The service should have the capability to interact with the traffic and to respond to traffic situations developing in the VTS area” (Paine, n. d. p.3). Functions of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) The main function of a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is to provide active monitoring and navigational advice for vessels in particularly congested and busy waterways hence it enhances safety of life and property and optimizes the marine traffic flow. Except this Vessel Traffic Services Protect the environment by early detecting the leakage or spillage of any pollutant material Enhance efficiency of vessel movements and port marine resources Provide information to the concerning authorities about movements of ships carrying hazardous or noxious cargo onboard. Provide Search and Rescue assistance Classification of Vessel Traffic Services Vessel Traffic Services are classified either on the basis of surveillance or location. On the basis of surveillance VTS are classified into two classes. These two classes are Surveilled and Non-surveilled. According to US Cost Guard Navigational Center (2005), ‘surveilled systems consist of one or more land-based sensors (i.e. radar, AIS and closed circuit television sites), which output their signals to a central location where operators monitor and manage vessel traffic movement.
The system which provides the
monitoring and navigation assistance while entering or leaving a port, when sailing
through waters or along the rivers is called as Harbor (or Port) Vessel Traffic Services
System. Costal VTS mainly concerned with maritime trafficking passing through a
particular cost line (SOLAS Ch V-Regulation, n. d.).
The primary purpose of a VTS (as defined by IALA) is to provide active
navigational and monitoring advice i. e; to give a clear, concise, real-time picture of
vessel traffic movements at ports and in deep waters, hence to avoid any collision
incident. In changing global scenario as economic factors have received priority the trade
and ties are rapidly increasing. Consequently vessel traffic across the globe is increasing.
Therefore the sever conditions of competition, unregulated use of sea space and
asymmetric threats stimulate the increase risks, violations of legal norms and constant
necessity of critical services at sea (Dereliev, 2004 pp.115-116). Hence to fulfill the wide
range of applications VTS employs a variety of hardware and software modules that
collect, integrate, assess and display sensor data in a manner that provides a
comprehensive representation of the vessel traffic situation to VTS operators
(NORCONTROL IT AS, 2005). This enhanced Vessel Traffic Services System along
with traffic planning and screening tools is called Vessel Traffic Management and
Information System (VTMIS).
VTMIS System Architecture
VTMIS is capable of doing all type of surveillance activates. It employs a variety
of hardware and software modules that collect, integrate, assess and display sensor data
in a manner that provides a comprehensive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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