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Velda Elizabeth Fletcher, an accomplished clinical dietician, and an enthusiastic supporter of all UT sports died aged 47 on Tuesday night at the Park West Hospital. She had been admitted following an emergency medical situation. She was born to Gina, and Vandergriff Fletcher in…
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Obituary story
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Velda Elizabeth Fletcher Velda Elizabeth Fletcher, an accomplished clinical dietician, and an enthusiastic supporter of all UT sports died aged 47 on Tuesday night at the Park West Hospital. She had been admitted following an emergency medical situation. She was born to Gina, and Vandergriff Fletcher in Medville.
Everyone who met Fletcher, a notable local dietician, and a generous community volunteer loved her as she was a kindhearted woman and would never let an opportunity to make the society a better place pass her by. Her sister recalls how Fletcher had time for everybody. She adds, “Velda devoted herself to her work and her family and her church. My children always felt like she was their second mother- sometime their first (laughs). She never said no to anything or anyone that was thought was worthwhile. We are going to miss her very, very much.”
Fletcher was an educated woman and majored in science, a field we know is dominated by men. She attended Midville high school and graduated in 1980. She later attended the University of West State. She did proceed to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in 1984 and later on Master of Science degree in1986. Fletcher spent many years in managerial role in the Department of Dieticians at the University of West State Medical Center and worked in private practice as a diabetes-educator at Dialysis Clinical Inc. in South Medville.
Fletcher was a Christian and a believer. Since she was 11 years old, attended the Methodist where she was a member of Little Springs during her childhood and later joining the adult choir in the same church she started as a young girl. All through her life, she was quite active in many projects, whose aim was to aid the less privileged in the society. That is the area she found great internal satisfaction. Interfaith Health Clinic, where she was a member of the junior league, was an important part of her charity work. It was an open opportunity for her to venture in as many charitable actions as possible. Other than her charity work, Fletcher worked in organizations aimed at improving the lifestyle of the community in terms of how food consumption. With her rich skills, ambitions and experience in nutrition, she is remembered of her contribution in diabetes education and diet adviser nationally, regionally and locally. Through such activities, she did aim to halt down the lifestyle diseases brought about by feeding practices. She was a patriot of her home area and, therefore, a longtime cast member of member of the Midville nativity pageant.
In the light of flowers, the family requests that you make a donation to Mission of Mercy. Fletcher was a devoted volunteer in Mission of Mercy, a Medville-based nonprofit group whose volunteers would participate in charity activities such as collecting and distributing school supplies and Christmas gifts to in Medville area. Fletcher was considered one of the pioneers of this ministry as she had worked in it since it was launched in 1996.
Velda Elizabeth Fletcher’s survivors include her two parents, Gina and Vandergriff Fletcher, her brother and his wife. Several nephews and nieces were also affiliated to her. The service to commemorate her life will be held at 2 pm Saturday and thereafter the burial at Forest Cemetery off Lexington road in Midville. Read More
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