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(Name), an accomplished political analyst and a champion for human rights in Venezuela, passed on after a long-term illness that had placed him on bed for a period not more than two months. He passed on from the Memorial hospital where he had been receiving treatment from the…
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Obituary story about myself
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Obituary Story about Myself , an accomplished political analyst and a champion for human rights in Venezuela, passed on after a long-term illness that had placed him on bed for a period not more than two months. He passed on from the Memorial hospital where he had been receiving treatment from the time he was admitted, doctors confirmed about his death on Saturday 7 April of 2014 (may put you preferred year). The death of (name) has been received with a lot of resentment from many people that held him with great esteem for being a champion of the rights of the Venezuelan people.
(Name), was an Italian-born Venezuelan, whose parents moved on to stay in Venezuela during the time World War II was taking place. His grandfathers were very hard working people; one was a doctor, and the other was a building constructor. From their hard work and dedication to good service, this family became highly renowned and respected.
He was born and raised in Maracaibo, a town that is located in one of the cities in Venezuela. His parents did their best to ensure that they educated him to meet his educational, career and personal goals, despite the hard life that was being experienced in Venezuela at that time. He started his educational journey in Maracaibo, where he attended and graduated from high school, thereafter; he attended Georgia Tech University in Atlanta U.S.A and stayed on for one year. He joined Miami University, to advance his career in broadcast journalism and became a success story in his field.
After finishing, he was part of the production and editing team in various media houses in the United States. (name), had a lifetime dream of serving his people and dying at a ripe age of 90 years, something that he was lucky to achieve.
During his lifetime, (name) managed to have high-profile interviews in his career; he held his interview program with the CNN Espanol. In his program, (name), was interested in helping people know how to create positive change and influence in the society through establishment of different systems.
His program lasted for almost two years, where he later joined E-entertainment, hosting various entertainment programs on television programs electronically. Through dedication and excellence in service delivery, all his television programs had a wide audience, receiving several accolades internationally.
It is through his service in the entertainment industry that he met Jessica, the famous Pop Music Star, whom she engaged and later married. His wedding took place in the Silicon Valley of the United States, and thereafter, he enjoyed a good family with Jessica.
Together with Jessica, they managed to have three children, all of who have received education and taken after their parents in the entertainment industry. Currently, they are heading various companies in the same field in Venezuela and the USA.
After having received excellence and several accolades in his career, he joined politics, where he helped many people to achieve their goals in life. He was active in processes geared towards enhancing positive change in the country.
He was constantly invited to the MEGATV to talk about various issues of human rights, and how democracy would be achieved in Venezuela. He later became a political expert and analyst in Venezuela, where he managed to spearhead a successful presidential that aimed at bringing democracy and better conditions of life in Venezuela. In his life, (name), was motivated by the need to create a change in the society for the welfare of all the people. Read More
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(Obituary Story about Myself Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Obituary Story about Myself Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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