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And Research Proposal - That extra intervention of a dietician and occupational therapist will maintain a he - Literature review Example

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LITERATURE REVIEW AND RESEARCH PROPOSAL Name Institution Date Introduction Alzheimer’s disease is a neurologic disease that is progressive in the brain that leads to irreversible neurons and intellectual losses which include the loss of reasoning and memory…
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Literature Review and Research Proposal - That extra intervention of a dietician and occupational therapist will maintain a he
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Download file to see previous pages To date there is no known cure for the disease even though there are various methods which slow down its advance and thus assists the patients in relieving some of the signs. It is a terminal disease which incurable and leads to death (Innes, Kelly and McCabe, 2012, p. 104). Extra intervention of a dietician and an occupational therapist will ultimately maintain a healthy body mass index and improve quality of life, depression and dyskinesia in the patient with Alzheimer’s disease. This literature review and research paper will take a deep comprehensive study on the vital important role that the dieticians and the occupational therapist play in the slowing down on the effects and symptoms of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Small and Vorgan, 2011, p. 124). This paper summarizes the specific approaches to the maintenance of a healthy body mass index in the patient whereas taking into consideration the other aspects of good health which include improvement of the quality of life, significant reduction of depression and dyskinesia (McDonald, 2010, p. 32). This paper will take into account the world-class recommendations that a dietician will highly recommend regarding certain foods which the Alzheimer’s patient will eat so that the symptoms of the disease are significantly reduced (Pulsford and Thompson, 2012, p. 129). Notable recommendations will also be highlighted regarding the advice that an occupational therapist would outmost recommend to the patient. A detailed overview on what the patient should do to reduce these symptoms are noted whereas providing very valuable advice on how the patients health will improve taking in to consideration the patient’s body mass index, superior life quality and an overall reduction in depression and dyskinesia (Downs and Bowers, 2008, p. 58). Literature Review Alzheimer’s disease has in the recent past turned out to be a widespread dementia complication among old people in the society. As defined, Alzheimer’s disease is the general loss of cognitive functioning which includes reduced reasoning, remembering, and thinking ability. Alzheimer’s disease is also presumed to be an irreversible and a progressive brain disorder which minimises thinking and memory skills. Moreover, recent researches have also confirmed that, long term existence of Alzheimer’s disease may as well reduce individuals’ ability to carry out some of the simplest jobs (Basak, Boot, Kraemer and Voss 2008, p. 777). Based on the available statistics, Alzheimer’s disease is in most cases apparent among people who are above 60 years of age. Compared to traditional society, contemporary societies have witnessed significant increased in cases of Alzheimer’s disease (Vance, McNees and Meneses, 2009, p. 51). In the extreme cases, Alzheimer’s disease is as well affecting young people. The side effects and magnitude of Alzheimer’s disease is with time turning out to be very severe and in some cases Alzheimer’s disease has reported to cause deaths. The contemporary nature and side effects of Alzheimer’s disease have forced health researchers and thinkers to undertake intensive researches to identify the main cause of the disease as well as the most cost effective and efficiency means of dealing with the problem (Ziere, Dieleman, Hofman, Pols, Cammen and Stricker, 2007, p. 223). The subsequent literature review is intended at examining how the extra intervention of a dietician and occupational ther ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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