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In an experience I had, Christians wore T-shirts embroidered with the phrase, “Life is wasted without Jesus”. In an effort to entice more people to believe in Jesus, they…
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Answers for 5 discussion questions
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Answers for 5 Discussion Questions Question Evangelism encompasses spreading word of a supreme being to people willingto follow ways of religion. In an experience I had, Christians wore T-shirts embroidered with the phrase, “Life is wasted without Jesus”. In an effort to entice more people to believe in Jesus, they preach riches in the kingdom of God. This group of Christians instills dread by describing ways of the world as demonic. Many people change their ways and embrace ways of Jesus with promises of riches, joy and eternity of life. Despite many people converting to Christianity, this endeavor to evangelize people through enticing seems to infringe into people’s religious privileges.
Question 2
Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” is a book whose plot revolves round haunting sessions in a hill house. “Eleanor did not sleep during the afternoon, although she would have liked to; instead, she lay on Theodoras bed in the green room and watched Theodora do her nails, chatting lazily, unwilling to let herself perceive that she had followed Theodora into the green room because she had not dared to be alone” (pg 40). This quote portrays horror in the hill house as everybody feels fear yet they refuse to admit. Horror in the hill house make characters incline to believe in redemption from religion. “Hell House” depicts haunting sessions and doom that befalls non-believers. This movie is unethical as a method of persuasion as it instills fear in characters leaving them with no other option but believe in religion.
Question 3
Cults and organizations exhibit pledge to their leaders regarding organizational beliefs, ideas and obligations. Leaders of cults and organizations command actions of members and resistance to these actions is unacceptable. Cults and organization serve to acquire financial benefits. Encouraging team spirit within cults and organizations forms a unique feature. However, cults differ from organizations in various aspects. Actions of leaders of organization are subject to review by relevant authorities marred with such duties. Cults are not answerable to any authorities and their activities are non-religious. Unlike cults, organizations condemn members from cutting links with their families or friends. Organizations are not necessarily formed on religious beliefs and ideologies.
Question 4
"It is also possible that part of our test of faith is our loving of this world, even our flesh body, to the extent to be willing to leave it without any proof of the Next Levels existence" (Davis pp. 123). The intriguing aspect of Davis’s analysis is the surprising brainwashing of the cult believers relating to committing suicide. The Heaven’s Gate cult believers have it that suicide is one of the appropriate actions to quit the earth that is about to undergo recycling. If the recycling time gets them on earth, they are going to join the next level.
Question 5
I do not believe that cults should have the right to the freedom of religion like other mainstream religions. Cultism promote unethical social norms and in most cases engages in activities that are more serious than murder making the litigation process very complex, as in the cases of child custody. Again, its approval of suicide act is against the laws in the sense that every person has a right to life. In addition, cultism places decision making entirely on the leaders as opposed to the parents. The arguments underlying cultism are based on empty promises, and brainwashing and should never be tolerated.
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