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Project Report on designing and implementing a thematic task-based unit of work which could be used with a mixed-ability class - Research Paper Example

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The activities in task focus on the hygiene methods, and ways the students can adopt to remain themselves and their environment…
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Project Report on designing and implementing a thematic task-based unit of work which could be used with a mixed-ability class
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Extract of sample "Project Report on designing and implementing a thematic task-based unit of work which could be used with a mixed-ability class"

Download file to see previous pages Student describes the way they carry out different activities during the day and number of times they do a particular job in an unclean manner. They understand the reason why they are asked to wash their hands every time they eat something. Students understand the different ways in which they can keep their body clean and also take care to maintain the environment clean.
Reading: The students are encouraged to read the questionnaire and understand the meaning of words and importance of the concept of cleanliness. The vocabulary and grasping quality of students are enhanced when they read different articles circulated among them.
Writing: The students while filling the questionnaire give importance to the spelling which can improve the quality of their writing. Various pictures are drawn and asked to describe. Children are asked to write about the times the things they do to make themselves clean.
Speaking: Students are asked question to improve their speaking ability. They are asked about their lifestyle and give brief detail on day to day activities. Discussion among themselves in groups is introduced to have interaction.
1. Students can be lead to a clean place and allowed to sit in a row and asked to give their experience Ask them about any inconvenience or discomfort they have on skin or any occurrence of any allergies lately. The student’s responses can be written on the board.
There should be discussions about the features of different bacteria and viruses, where they breed and what situation can destroy them. It should also be discussed about the role played by skin and immune system in order to avoid illness. They should be guided to ways to implement health and clean living.
3. Collect all the response from families and use it at the right time. Once the surveys are done the students should be asked to share all the family information with his class mates. The student ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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