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University Water Supply and Sanitation in Slum Settlements of Mumbai, India Name Date Water Supply and Sanitation in Slum Settlements of Mumbai, India Mission Statement: To initiate and design a comprehensive strategy based on the themes of human geography in order to resolve or aid the diminishment of issues related to water supply, sanitation and water-borne diseases being faced by the slum, dweller and squatter communities situated in Mumbai, India by the execution of disease prevention programs, establishment of medical units on a per community basis and development of small-scale reservoir and dam projects in cooperation with local residents…
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Download file to see previous pages also prevail in the communities under focus.2 Examinations of the service topic signify an association of the aforementioned problems with several areas of human geography such as settlement, population, development, economics, health and culture. Place: Assessments into the severe problems posed by the inaccessibility of water in squatter settlements reveal that collection of water for primarily drinking and other household purposes is conducted via limited means.3 Slum resident have to gather water either through public standpipes or travel considerable distances by feet in search of water that is brought back to their homes in containers.4 These findings indicate that the major obstacles to enhancing water accessibility to slum occupants are; a shortage of direct water supply through pipelines and dispersed locations of water sources, if any are available. To address these issues, the development of local infrastructure such as dams and reservoirs must be undertaken on a small scale. However, the success of these proposals is highly dependent upon the active involvement of the residents themselves throughout the commencement of the project till its implementation.5 Effects of Monsoon Climate: While, the availability of water in slum, dweller and squatter settlements of Mumbai is scarce it is important to note that the limited quantity of water that is eventually consumed by occupants is contaminated. High water contamination levels in poor communities across Mumbai city are a ramification of problems that are associated with restricted and in some cases inexistent sewer, drainage and sanitation facilities.6 Furthermore, disease outbreaks following heavy monsoon rainfall are caused by the mixing of animal urine with drinking water.7 Health Geography: The grave inequality in the provision of healthcare to poor communities of Mumbai city must be addressed on an immediate basis. The strategy for resolving this aspect of the problem must focus on prevention rather than cure.8 Initial procedures to tackle with health issues prevalent in slums must focus on the establishment of medical clinics and units per community that must eventually be increased in quantity. These medical clinics should not only be assigned the task of treating ill residents but should also provide basic healthcare knowledge, awareness and information to residents. Awareness campaigns must be designed with the view of highlighting the importance of personal hygiene and individual initiatives to combat diseases. Human Population Control: Furthermore, community healthcare services should initiate a family planning program9 owing to increasing birth rates in slum and squatter sett ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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