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Mumbai City - Essay Example

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This paper discusses in depth about the key changes that have come about within Mumbai city and the challenges facing the city. The purpose of this research is to investigate the following: population alteration; economic change; social structural changes; issues and problems…
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Mumbai City
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Extract of sample "Mumbai City"

Download file to see previous pages The object of analysis for the purpose of this assignment is Mumbai city as one of the populous city in India and ultimately the fourth most populous city globally. Despite its high population, it denotes the richest city in India having the highest GDP of any city in West, South, or Central Asia. The city has undergone tremendous changes within the past twenty years in terms of the population, economy, and social structure. Consequently, these changes have posed major challenges and problems to the city. As one of the densely populated cities in the world, Mumbai city has witnessed a phenomenal population growth over the last half a century with a mass migration occurring from the countryside to the city in search of employment and a better life. Like other metros of India, the city has experienced rapid population growth in the last twenty years. It is important to note that a large number of the population exhibited in Mumbai city live in slums and other residential areas. Researchers depict that the city’s population 1971, increased from 7.7 million to 18.3 million in 2001. Statistics portray that the population further increased from 18.3 in 2001 to 22.4 million in 2011. Mumbai’s population has doubled for the last twenty years with a population density of 30,000 people per square kilometer, which is relatively high. It is depicted that the majority of Mumbai’s residents are migrants from other states of India....
Economic change Mumbai city denotes the first Indian city to experience technological and economical changes associated with the growth of capitalism and have since become India’s banking and financial capital. Diversification and economic advancements within Mumbai city has led to a tremendous growth of job opportunities in the city in turn has attracting an incursion of migrants to the city (Eur, 2002 p. 461). Scholarly research depicts that the opening of oil mills and start of machine building and engineering units further boosted the economy of the city thus providing job opportunities for natives of the less developed states and the increased migrants in the city. Mumbai city is depicted to account for 11% of India’s total employment opportunities and 20% of industrial employment in India. Mumbai city is the largest subcontinent port handling India’s 30% imports and exports. The growth of Mumbai’s economy arose from internal trade top foreign trade (Eur, 2002, p. 462). The city has drastically experienced growth of urbanization thus causing problems to Urban Developers who find it hard to do much planning due to the city’s rapid change. The city still experiences high cases of unemployment despite the fact that it has flourished economically for the past two decades. This is due to the rapid population growth making the job severely less than the workers do. Social structural changes For the past twenty years, social class diversity has found its way in Mumbai city. Due to technological and economic change, the city has created a bridge between the poor and the rich in the society. The rich reside in the luxurious estates while the poor congest in the slum areas. The division of the two classes of people has made the rich benefit tremendously ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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