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Active teaching strategy - Essay Example

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The reason for choosing a game is that psychologically we tend to perform better in a competitive environment and also studies have soon shown enhanced brain function with lesser amount of stress when the activity being performed by the person is mentally stimulating rather than tiring…
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Active teaching strategy
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Download file to see previous pages The reason for choosing a game is that psychologically we tend to perform better in a competitive environment and also studies have soon shown enhanced brain function with lesser amount of stress when the activity being performed by the person is mentally stimulating rather than tiring Keeping this philosophy into consideration the idea that I like to propose for active learning is that of "ten questions".would have a group of four people, each team will have ten questions to find the answer, the questions will be asked by the team leader of each team by mutual discussion with its other members. The answer to each question will be either yes or no. no phrases or other words will be used to answer the question. Similar questions will not be answered and will not be counted in your question count. Once all ten questions are answered the team must guess the answer if the answer is guessed correctly the team receives 10 points and if the team answers incorrectly no points are award. If the team guesses the answer before the 10 question limit that team will receive bonus 10 points and 20 in all and if it answers incorrectly it will get -10 points. The team to guess most of the answers correctly wins.extra needed and no set up time is required also due to the ease and playability of this activity this activity can also be exercised by the students among themselves. The other good thing about this sort of exercise is that it applicability is universal and can be used by teachers of every subject. This sort of activity also motivates team work among the students which can prove to be very vital for their profession.
The whole class will be divided into groups of 3 to 4 members. Each team will
them have to guess the procedure by asking question to the teacher. The team will then guess the answer and the team with the most correct answer will be the winner. This team will then be awarded the title of washing wizard. To further stimuli the learning process the members of the winning team will be awarded marks which will be counted in their assignment and then these marks will added in the final tally as well.
"People learn in response to need. When people cannot see the need for what is being taught, they ignore it, reject it, or fail to assimilate it any meaningful way. Conversely, when they have a need, then, if the resources are available, people learn effectively and quickly." (Brown and Dugout, 2000, p.136).
The concept of the activity is very simple and that is to train the nursing students
about the importance of hand washing and due to the nature of this activity this importance can be transferred to the students in a fun manner in which they can learn and remember it as well.
This activity method that is being used is known as "Kolb's Model of Experiential
Learning (Kolb, 1984)". This model of learning follows these steps:
1. Action- The learner performs some type of activity related to the lesson or subject.
2. Reflection- The learner reflects about what they did and what happened as a result of their activity. This can be in one of several forms: free writing, journaling, or small or large group discussions.
3. Knowledge/theory- The learner uses the results of the reflection to develop knowledge and theories, which helps further the learning process because the learner is conceptualizing their own theories, not accepting the theory of the instructor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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