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After his graduation with the Bachelor of Arts, Major: Press and Public Relations, the current Saudi English diplomat assistant of Arab national realized that he was not able to speak good English. Due to the need and desire to work with English diplomat, he joined Intensive…
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Media Relations
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How Arab native excels in English side of life How Arab native excels in English side of life After his graduation with the Bachelor of Arts, Major: Press and Public Relations, the current Saudi English diplomat assistant of Arab national realized that he was not able to speak good English. Due to the need and desire to work with English diplomat, he joined Intensive English Program at Western Washington University (WWU), Bellingham, where he graduated in August 2012. He was so much desperate in acquisition of a Masters’ degree in Communication that required every appointee to undergo a 7 months English training course. He later pursued a one-year program and graduated in summer 2012. Then he further attained a Masters in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. The student has received a scholarship as a protocol supervisor, who works with the delegation in Shura Council, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (WAPTAC, 2013).
During his study period, he was actively involved in essential conceptualization of English skills such as reading, writing, grammar, as well as, listening amongst others. Besides, he participated in other elementary university studies that embrace psychology, cultural anthropology, both Canadian and American studies. In addition, he enriched his studies by handling academic research papers presented in different formal settings, but most of all improved his speech work by participating in English classroom debates (WAPTAC, 2013). Up on his appointment at the diplomat of Shura council, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, he is entitled to make arrangements on both local and international levels for visiting delegations. Moreover, he is in charge of press conferences while making drafts and summary of reports concerning the latest events of the organization across the world. His priority is to ensure the right accommodation and transport for the visiting delegations while coordinating all scheduled appointments and he is highly adaptive to various cultural settings. Consequently, he is partly engaged as an editor of Al- Eqtesadiah Newspaper, where he collects, examines and interprets news while maintaining sharp criticism with colleagues and professional experts in the same filed.

WAPTAC. (2013). Public information. Weatherization assistance program Technical Assistance Center. Retrieved on 24th June 2013. Read More
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Media Relations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 9.
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