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Public Relations - Professionalism. Big Pitch Assessment - Essay Example

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PUBLIC RELATIONS PLAN: MILLION AIR, LTD. This plan was prepared as a response to the brief from Million Air Ltd., and outlines the one-year public relations strategy of the company’s jet services on January 5, 2013. BACKGROUND In 2012, there are about 4,000 private and charter jets, shuttling Million Air's clients to various destinations across the globe (Lawler 2012)…
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Public Relations - Professionalism. Big Pitch Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages However, the market condition is better than ever. The luxury consumer market has expanded and there is a great demand for private jet services not only in terms of lifestyle requirements but also for business needs (Okonkwo, 2007, pp.237). In addition, according to an industry study, the sharp uptick in charter jet demand was also brought about by an increase in holiday travel and the fleet optimization introduced by private jet companies (Avinode 2011). This latter development is supported by a report last year, which found that such optimizations (ex. one-way pricing, guaranteed access and lifestyle positioning) became industry innovations that have made charter look more attractive than ever (Wynbrandt 2012). Europe is also on the verge of recovery and executives such as Eric Connor of NetJets Europe are bullish about the future of the industry (Connor 2012). The business case for luxury travel was also reported by the New York Times when it found that many business travelers use chartered flights in order to skip the holes and delays of commercial air travel system (Sharkey 2012). Million Air with its fleet of four jets that can accommodate six passengers bound for London, Zurich, Jersey and Monaco would be able to establish a foothold in the European market. In a brief situational analysis, the following key issues were revealed: A European economic recovery is underway leading to an increase in chartered jet passenger demand in the region where Million Air operates in. Aside from the traditional clientele who looks for luxury and prestige in their travel, there is also the emergence of business travelers who require swift and efficient travel directly to their destination (Sharkey 2012 ) There are huge shifts in the industry brought about by technological changes as well as the increase in demand for innovative solutions to travelling needs. Million Air enjoys the premium quality of the brand, while the market has potential. On the other hand, it is a new company and competition could threaten its viability. PR STRATEGY The following are the PR plan objectives: 1. To position the company as a high profile leisure based private jet service; 2. To create brand awareness within at least 50% of our target audience prior to the launch on the January 2013; and, 3. To help increase the company bookings by 20% by September 2013. The proposed PR strategy will span one year and would aggressively push for pre-launch awareness-building, an integrated communications strategy that will support the launching activities and, follow up PR activities to further augment and sustain the momentum garnered. At the core of this strategy is a set of high profile activities to be staged in Million Air’s destination cities: London, Zurich and Monaco. GENIUS IDEA The campaign slogan is "accessible luxury". The plan focuses on the implication of premium experience at the same time will evoke concepts like efficiency and practicality. It is not about pitching luxury at a tampered cost since the market understands how quality can never come cheap. Instead, the campaign will go back to the fundamentals behind the business: why clients turn to private jets in the first place. The luxury narrative will be complemented by consistent messages about being available, being timely, being fast, among other concepts that communicate how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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