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The paper "Why I Choose the Program - Media and Communication Management" discusses that the media serves as a very strong portal for the whole world to express their feelings, opinions, arguments and point of views. People are aware of things happening thousands of miles away from them. …
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Why I Choose the Program - Media and Communication Management
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The modern man strongly believes in and pursues freedom of speech as his basic right. People can express their hatred or support for their favorite leaders in front of the whole world and an individual can also change his perspectives or beliefs under the influence of media. This shows the strong position of media and journalism in our times! I have a keen interest in journalism not only because I want to expand my experience in the field of writing but also to be a part of a powerful medium that has the power to eliminate evils from a nation, choose leaders, bring about revolutions and influence the everyday activities of people.
 This program is innovative and will help me to develop a thorough understanding of the world of journalism. I am quite passionate about my interest in news production and journalism and want a program that guides me not only accurately but also broadens my thinking and perspectives which will help me go a long way in the professional world. The program covers all the intricate details of not only the theoretical aspects but also encourages the students to develop critical thinking, improve judgmental qualities and gain a professional attitude towards journalism and media relations. Journalism and the electronic media form a crucial part of a person’s life and I want to use this as an optimistic approach for making our society a better place. Read More
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